Biological drain cleaning


The deep biological treatment station is a local wastewater treatment plant for domestic drain cleaning. Stations of different manufacturers can differ constructively, but the principle of operation is always the same – aerobic, with constant access of oxygen, decomposition of incoming wastewaters with the help of “active silt”. Active silt is an active biomass that accumulates during the operation of the station.


The wastes entering the station are averaged over the composition, aerated and, passing alternately through a row of tanks. They are then cleaned by 95-98%. After that, they are removed from the station either by gravity (for example, into a storage or resorption well) or by a pump (into the drainage Ditch, absorbing area, reservoir of fishery value, etc.). The plant’s capacity is determined by the calculation of water consumption of 200 liters (52.8 gals) per person per day. A station designed for 5 permanent residents should have a capacity of 1 cubic meter. Meter per day.


From the existing systems of autonomous sewerage, the stations of deep biological purification have the highest degree of wastewater treatment (up to 98%) and constructive diversity (selected depending on the depth of the sewage pipe, can be completed with a post-treatment filter and ultraviolet disinfectant)


The disadvantages of such equipment can be attributed to their relatively high cost and energy compatibility. Advantages come from the efficiency, the absence of the need to periodically call the sewage machine, and, as a consequence, greater variability in the placement on the site (even indoor installation is possible) and on the tapping of purified water.


If drain cleaning does not enter the station, it continues to operate in an autonomous mode of constant water circulation. A water level sensor is installed in the receiving chamber. At the moment when the airlift pumped water into the aeration tank to the lower level, the sensor sends a signal to the control unit and the solenoid valve. The valve, triggering, directs the flow of air from the compressor to the reverse phase loop. Aeration in the aeration tank is turned off, mixing stops and all active sludge settles to the bottom – the process of denitrification begins.


At a certain distance from the bottom, the recirculation pump starts to pump out excess silt from the aerotank to the stabilizer of the activated sludge. If a mixture of activated sludge and water enters the stabilizer, some silt precipitates in the stabilizer, and the other part, together with water, returns to the receiving chamber. The water level in the receiving chamber begins to rise to the level of the sensor triggering and the transfer of the station back to the direct phase. The aeration (nitrification process) is resumed in the aeration tank, and the recirculation pump stops pumping the active sludge. In this mode of automatic switching, the station will operate until the sewage water enters it.


The diversion of purified water from the plant can be realized according to various schemes. The most common of these are Diversion of purified water by gravity into a resorption well (realized in well permeable soils with low watercut level). Diversion of treated water is done by means of a drainage pump into the reservoir, a drainage ditch, an absorbent pad. Sewage treatment facilities, for example, are used at car washes, gas stations, industrial plants, or construction sites. If the purification system is designed to purify the water from oil products, then pressure flotation is used in combination with fine filters.

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Residential plumbing services in Phoenix – sooner or later, everyone in the city is faced with this need. Well, you think, do you ever have to look for someone else to replace tubes or batteries, repairing plumbing, household appliance, etc. What did you do in that case? You, probably, looked for knowledgeable friends, and they turned to the housing department workers, or were looking for some other way? There is no need to be prideful when deciding to look for a professional’s help. We need to know only human contact which carries high quality residential plumbing services.


Residential plumbing services in Phoenix. When and where you want to call?


You can call in any situation, when it comes to domestic water supply, heating, sanitation. Repair, replacement, installation of bathtubs, toilets, faucets, pipes, and many other functions can be done.

Important: 602-737-2658 residential plumbers are waiting for your call every day 24/7 throughout the whole year for your convenience. For example, on Sunday evening, and then what to do? Just call plumber. Professional contact numbers you find in the corresponding section.

Quality, reliable, inexpensive!

This is the main principle of the  residential plumbing services in Phoenix. All work performed is covered by a 6 months warranty. If, during this time, there is a problem with the residential plumbing and we are at fault, the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

Over the years of practice, however, such cases are far and few in between each other. Most often, the work was performed at the highest level. Our customers give only positive feedback about the quality, professionalism, responsibility and care that we deliver every time. Many of them have become loyal and permanent customers that rely on us for the best plumbing services. That is, in their apartments the plumber’s hand has been applied to many details: pipes, radiators, household appliances and all other sanitary equipment.


One advantage of this is the plumber’s is affordable prices. Purchasing consumables can be carried out as a plumber, and by the owners. If you do not understand what you need for the situation, and rely on the issue of procurement plumber on call, pre-expressing their wishes. He knows exactly what to buy and where to buy it from. 

The main thing is to not try to do residential plumbing work yourself if you do not have the required education and work experience. The consequences of such an act can be extremely disastrous. Everyone must do their job. Allow the residential plumbers do the work correctly for you. They themselves will be engaged in that, which brings you satisfaction!

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As should be the installation of the mixer in the bathroom

A very important procedure for any home is to install a master mixer, after taking into account the quality of drinking water. Of course, for the installation, you can use the services of a professional plumber.

First, there are thing we should say about choosing a faucet for bath or kitchen.

Although certain rules in this matter don’t exist yet, it is desirable to adhere to certain guidelines:

  • Acquire a device that will fulfil the object specifications (size, operating parameters);
  • do not use mixers with working bodies which are made of low quality materials (silumin);
  • take into account the aesthetic component products (so that it can fit into the existing interior space).

In general, it is desirable not to show the fanaticism in the economy and buy mixers with normal consumer characteristics, taking into account the fundamental relation to any goods between price and quality.

Install faucet in the bathroom on their own

Firstly, it should be installation noted that the of the mixer should be carried out at the final stage of finishing works, otherwise the product may be distorted during construction and maintenance operations.

If the filter is to be installed correctly by the property owner, thee are some preparatory measures that must be provided:

  • gasket aqueduct (if necessary);
  •  finishing facilities (for example, tile );
  •  construction of places to connect the mixer.

Second, you need to prepare a minimum set of tools and materials to carry out installation work. Thus, to install the faucet in the bathroom you’ll need a wrench, hammer, fastening and sealing material in the form of tape.

The third stage is considered to be a direct installation. It is first checked devices and equipment produced visual inspection of the mixer.

Then carried out by overlapping routes for the hot and cold water and get to work:

  1. If necessary, dismantle the already installed device;
  2. Check the integrity of the connection points of the mixer;
  3. With the use of sealing materials, screw the outlet into the fitting special cams. Then use the wrench and make 5 – 6 turns to achieve their arrangement such that further it was possible to install the faucet without warps (the arrangement of the eccentrics can be controlled using a spirit level).
  4. Ideally, they should completely cover the space contiguity output pipes to a wall or finishing materials;
  5. By the return nozzles eccentrics bolted with the key mixer. It is very important to follow the steps carefully in order not to damage the device, the clamping coupling nuts should be alternately pull-ups in order to prevent buckling of the mixer.
  6. Bolted to the main body of the mixer, spout and shower hose.
  7. With punch and fasteners in any convenient place on the wall is fixed a special mount for the shower head. The optimal location of the brackets is the position in which it will be possible to take a shower.

In the final work, supplying water to the main line (by opening the stop valves) and test performance of the mixer, and the tightness of all joints. In addition, when installing the mixer it is important to properly overwrite tiles to solution-grout between all the technological gaps (for example between the tiles and the pipe).

In order to install a faucet in the bathroom, it is important to apply seals and rings, which come with the product. Thus, you can perform the installation work in a relatively short period, and provide for your family extra comfort.

How to choose a faucet for the bathroom:

the basic rules

A bathroom in a modern home is a functional space, which is why the design and decoration of this type are given special attention. The widespread use of such rooms showers, whirlpool baths, decorative screens, mirrors clear evidence.

The sanitary apparatus for supplying liquid to be adjustable volume and temperature – nevertheless remains mixer whatever audio quality was inherent to said room, perhaps the most important of its accessory. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the best faucet for the bathroom.

Structural types of mixers

Of course, today the manufacturers offer a wide range of mixers, which differ both in terms of price and consumer characteristics, while each user task is the selection of the equipment that will be able to satisfy individual needs. However, in order to decide what is best bathroom faucet, it is recommended that you get acquainted with the most common structures of representatives of the sanitary equipment.

Twin valve

They are representative of the classic series and are characterized by having in its structure two independent crane journal boxes, capable of changing the flow of hot and cold water (by means of their rotation). The bath faucets of this type do not have a high cost and can be operated a long time period. If we talk about the shortcomings of this series, we can distinguish fluid adjusting inconvenience and the need for periodic replacement of the seals (present as part of the crane-boxes).

Minimizing these limitations is achieved by using twin valve design mixers with a ceramic valve with a rotational mechanism (provide quality water supply with a minimum angle of rotation of the handle (90 or 180 °). However, the use of these devices requires the presence of an aqueous composition with a high-quality characteristic (lack of mechanical suspensions can deform ceramic valve) that requires the installation in water supply network of additional filter assemblies.

Single-lever (joystick) faucets

They are representatives of the innovative series, but nevertheless already gained predisposition of many users. This is primarily due to their ease of application when the water pressure and the temperature can instantaneously be adjusted with one hand (by moving the handle up and down or right-left).

The possibility of such adjustment is achieved by using in the construction of devices of ball elements or ceramic cartridges, which also requires the presence of purified water.

Thermostatic mixers Bathroom

As the name suggests, we can immediately conclude that the operation of said mixers is due to the embedded thermostat that ensure constancy temperature (set by the user), regardless of external changes. That is, from a constructive point of view, these mixers are equipped with temperature control and flow, which provide the desired operating mode. And although the cost of such devices is significantly higher than traditional counterparts, among them security benefits can be identified and economy (fast water flow with the desired characteristics).

Contactless faucets in the bathroom

Capable of providing high-quality liquid mixing and flow without human physical impact. Their design is made so that the flow of water is provided on the basis of the infrared sensor signals (embedded in the spout) and the retraction of the arms. In most cases, these mixers are used as innovative design attributes and are used in restaurants or cafes, but if desired, can be installed in a residential complex.

Material for a bathtub mixer

In order to properly choose a faucet in the bathroom, you need to study carefully the type and quality of materials that can be used for their manufacture.

Faucets made with cheap materials quickly breakdown and cannot act as trusted devices. In view of the usefulness of those silumin mixers justified only for temporary use (for repair apartments, for a period of substitution water networks and so forth.).


It is the highest quality material for the mixer, because in addition to the reliability and durability (brass does not corrode) these elements differ environmental neutrality and can easily be used in constructions of any functional purpose. For additional protection, brass body from external factors outer part of nickel and chrome appliances. The best available coating and thus it is considered chromium, which is durable and hygienic.

Synthetic plastics

In most cases, used for the manufacture of handles, watering cans, decorative trim elements. Moreover, to simulate a reliable material such as a surface covering made aged bronze, gold or chromium. About how to choose a watering can to the mixer be found in the next article.

Individual factors influencing the choice of mixer

Of course, the process of selecting the most suitable mixer should be approached on the basis of the individual characteristics of each facility, that is, its size, shape, structure, design should fully meet the user, both technically and aesthetically.

As a consequence, by performing a selection of the most suitable plumbing items, you should consider the following circumstances:

–    features mixer installation (wall mounting, mounting on a sink or bathroom fixture using decorative rack);

–    type hydraulic connection (fixed pipework, flexible hoses);

–    rotatable spout (required using a mixer, for a bathtub, and for the sink);

–    the length of the spout (plumbing determined parameters, in which the liquid will rush).

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Clogged Drain Pipe

As a homeowner, your first reaction to handling a clogged drain pipe is to use a plunger. In some cases, this may work, but there are also situations where this simply isn’t enough to get the job done. The next idea that you may come up with to take care of unclogging a drain, is the use of chemical drain cleaning solution. This method of drain cleaning isn’t recommended due to its risk reward ratio. If the chemical solution doesn’t go far enough down the unclogged drain, the chemical will just sit in the drain and corrode the pipe. This creates a far greater risk to your drain pipes than it does good.

    That is why it’s recommended that you contact an expert plumber to handle the issue for you. So, if you are in the Phoenix area, the best decision that you can make is hiring the drain cleaning specialist at Custom Cooling and Plumbing services.

We’ll assess the situation to come up with the best solution to unclog the drain pipe whether it’s a:

  •    Sink drain/ bathtub drain
  •    Toilet drain
  •    Shower drain
  •    Sewer drain

Drain Cleaning

There are two methods of drain cleaning that will take care of any clogged drain pipe. The two methods of drain cleaning that we will help you choose between are the Plumbing snake and the hydro jet. Both methods of drain cleaning have their own advantages and their disadvantages. In this article, we will help you understand what approach you should take when having the drain cleaners help you.

Plumbing Snake

The plumbing snake is a device that uses a metal rod with a pointed tip that pushes through whatever is creating the blockage. This method of drain cleaning the least expensive method to choose from, but is still quite effective in most scenarios. The metal rod is thin, making it perfect for avoiding any possible damage to a delicate pipe that is older or made of a material that can easily be damaged.

The disadvantages that come with the plumbing snake is its lack of forcefulness. In some cases, the plumbing snake simply isn’t powerful enough to break through or push the items causing the blockage in the drain. Unclogging a drain can require more than a pointed tip to fully clean the drain in some scenarios. Another issue with the plumbing snake is the fact that it’s so thin. For sewer drains that are larger than a toilet drain, the plumbing snake isn’t large enough to clean the wide pipe and unclog the drain.

Hydro Jetting

   Hydro jetting is another method of drain cleaning that is considered to be the most efficient way to unclog a drain. A hydro jet is a machine that sprays pressurized water down the drain, which can break up any blockage built up in the drain. Hydro jetting is typically used to take care of the most severe cases of drain cleaning for items such as sand, branches, and major grease build ups.

   The disadvantages of hydro jetting are also its most valuable asset, it’s forcefulness. Due to the power of the pressurized water spray, it can possibly damage delicate pipes that are older or made of materials that can’t handle the force. Hydro jetting is also the more expensive option to choose because of its efficiency.

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Plumbing in the house of the German collecting green polypropylene welded pipes Banninger. These tubes are considerably more flexible than the cheaper analogs. Polypropylene tubes stretch from freezing water. Rigid pipe in such a situation are more likely to burst or break away from the fittings.

When installing plumbing, take into account that polypropylene tubes are considerably lengthened with increasing temperature. Thus, when heated at 50 ° F reinforced polypropylene tubes are extended by 0.3 mm for each running meter, and reinforced pipes – 1.5 mm.

For in-house plumbing, I have used fiber glass reinforced pipes d = 25 mm with 3.5 mm wall thickness for hot water and unreinforced d = 25 mm, wall thickness 2.8 mm – for the cold. On long and straight sections arranged plumbing linear expansion, compensators are placed in the form of loops or kinks U-shaped elements.

For this scheme, it takes much longer than the pipe with a consistent water supply circuit mounted on a tee-splitter. However, it is more convenient to use for all consumers which will be about the same pressure and does not fall with the opening of the valve on the other consumers, as in tee scheme. Also allows the collector circuit to service or repair some parts of the water supply without shutting down the entire house of the water.

To drain the water from the tap in the cold or service I have provided a central drain the system as well and a local drain valve in the lowest points of the water supply in the house.

Installation of water pipeline started from the periphery to the center: collecting individual branches and brought them to the boiler-water measuring site, which collected in the last turn. Complex nodes initially drawn on paper and spread elements prepared on the spot. Then all of the elements nodes chalked on a wall, to avoid confusion during assembly. Separate water supply nodes collected in advance to then set them in place.

Preparation of Pipes

Polypropylene tubes are cut with special scissors along the length at exactly 90 degrees. Then the dust is removed from the abutting surfaces of the pipe and the fitting by degreasing them with alcohol. On the tube, mark with a pencil at the weld depth (pipe 0 25 mm – 16 mm). If the depth is not noted and fit on the pipe socket to the end, the welding bead can be formed, narrowing the inner lumen of the tube. In some cases, the fitting and mating mark pipes are made to ensure the required angle of rotation of the tube during installation. When laying pipe through the hole in the wall of a protective cover used with latex gloves without finger talc dusting.

Subtleties welding of plastic pipes

Welding is carried out on polypropylene tubes using a special apparatus with nozzles of different diameters. The device is possible to rent. Before working on the welding unit, set it to the desired diameter of the nozzle. By incorporating it, the regulator exhibited temperature + 500 ° F.

When pipe welding first connectable part is pushed over the nozzle-welding sockets, pipes have to clap with the effort, but cannot rotated. Once I started the on the pipe and the fitting was pushed over the welding nozzle led readout 7 seconds (for 25 mm pipes), pronouncing 21, 22 … 27. The pipe is pushed up to the mark with a pencil. Then separate the pipe and fitting.

The fitting is usually difficult to takeout – it had to hold the welding machine or fix its clamp. Immediately thereafter, quickly without rotation of the pipe and the fitting, taking care not to apply excessive force.

The rooms are laid open into the mounting clips on the ceiling. This gasket has several advantages: at home cold water warms up quickly and easily drain the water without flushing water supply.

It is water – cold and hot

Mounting a water heater with a water gauge node starts with setting cylinder and a damper (surge) tank. An expansion tank avoids pressure surges and situations where the crane “spits” with overheated water vapor. Since we have water in the house – tech, we have established a red tank for heating systems. an expansion tank with a white cell type membrane for drinking water, and water with eliminating contact tank walls.

All connections for potentially removable components in the water heater measuring site I have collected on the quick coupling – American. The gauge is hooked up to prevent damage to the tank and the water supply due to accidental overheating of water in the tank and provide quick and easy draining.

While laying plumbing, I performed completely independent for about 60 hours, spread over two weeks, due to the travel of the materials, reflection on the structure, a dip in the lake and eating kebab.  In the gasket in the building plumbing it took 60 m of polypropylene tube. 


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If your drain is clogged and the use of a plunger isn’t enough to resolve the issue, call a plumber to perform the drain cleaning. While there are chemical drain cleaning solutions that you can buy at the store, it isn’t recommended that you use this as an alternative. The chemicals in the drain cleaner are actually worse for the pipes than you may think. These chemical corrode the pipe, and if the chemical solution can’t get all the way down to the blockage causing the drain to clog, you’re only causing more problems than you’re resolving.

This why you should contact the best plumbers in the Phoenix area at Custom Cooling and Plumbing. We have the drain cleaning experts that you can rely on to get the job done right so that you won’t have to worry about you drain clogging for years.

The drains we clean include:

  •    Shower drains
  •    Toilet drains
  •    Sink drains

We offer two methods of drain cleaning that we guarantee to take care of any blockage causing water to overflow in the drain.

The first solution and the cheapest option is the Plumbing snake. With the plumbing snake, we can push through the blockage with the plumbing snake’s pointed tip. This pointed tip is designed to break penetrate through any grease or plastic items built up in the pipe. This drain cleaning method is great for cleaning smaller drains such as a sink, toilet, and shower drains. The use of the plumbing snake is also good for more delicate pipes such as PEX piping and older metal piping that is beginning to become brittle. The problem with the plumbing snake is that it isn’t big enough to take care of some of the larger pipes such as sewer pipes and mainline water pipe due to it being a thin rod. It also isn’t strong enough to clear the toughest of clogs that could build up in your drain.

The second solution is hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is the use of the hydro jet, which has a high power water jet to clear the blockage in the drain. Hydro jetting is the most efficient method of drain cleaning due to its powerful water jet’s ability to handle objects as immovable as a tree branch. Because of its efficiency, it is the more expensive option to choose but guarantees positive results every time. The downside to hydro jetting is its force, however. PEX piping and older metal piping may not be able to handle the amount of force that the hydro jet delivers in the pipe.

If you aren’t sure what drain cleaning solution is the best for you, contact the plumbing experts at Custom Cooling and Plumbing. We’ll help you go over the pros and cons of each option and help you decide which one works best for you. Once you’ve chosen which method is better for you, we’ll do the drain cleaning that same day to help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.      

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24-Hour Plumbing Services

At Custom Cooling and Plumbing, we provide the best plumbing service in all of the Phoenix area. Affordable plumbing service that you can rely on is exactly what we bring to the table. Our 24-hour emergency plumbing service separates us from the rest because we deliver quality plumbing service whenever you need it. When it comes to plumbing, there isn’t a task that we can’t handle. We perform plumbing services such as:

  •    Drain cleaning
  •    Plumbing installations
  •    Plumbing repairs
  •    Leak detection
  •    Repiping

Drain Cleaning

When a plunger isn’t getting the job done, it’s time to call the best plumbers in Phoenix. We recommend that you avoid the use of chemical drain cleaning solutions, because, if the blockage is deep in the pipe, the chemical solution won’t be able to reach the blockage and will only damage and corrode the pipe. So, the best course of action is to call the professional plumbers that you can rely on. We work with both the plumbing snake and the hydro jet to provide you with best option to choose from when deciding how you would like to have the clogged drain taken care of.

The plumbing snake is simple device with a pointed tip that can push through most blockages clogging the drain. Unfortunately, it isn’t forceful enough to break up the toughest of blockage that are stuck in the pipe.   

The Hydro jet is a machine that uses a powerful water jet stream to break up the blockage built up in the pipe. Thanks to its powerful stream, the hydro jet has the capability of cleaning out any drain, no matter how clogged the drain is. the down side of using the hydro jet is also its greatest quality, its forcefulness. For pipes made out of weak materials such as PVC and plastic, the jet stream can damage the piping. Older metal piping can also be too brittle to handle the force of the stream.

Plumbing Repairs

We do repairs on every appliance you have in your home. Everything from dishwashers, sinks, showers/tubs, toilets, washing machines, dryers, and water heaters. At Custom Cooling and Plumbing, we also repair leaking pipes. It’s never wise to mess with plumbing pipes that carry the water throughout you house if you aren’t experience with it previously. When working with plumbing of any kind, it’s highly recommended that you have an experienced plumber that can perform precision plumbing. This lowers the chance of there being any complications with your plumbing in the near future.


Plumbing Installations

When your appliances breakdown due to age, or you feel like refurbishing, we’ll be there to do the installations for you. Whether you choose to replace your tank water heater with an instant water heater, or you want to replace your old sink with one that has a more modern look, we believe that we are the best plumbers in Phoenix that can do the installation. We also do repiping of the entire pipe plumbing system when it’s necessary to replace all the old pipes. Just like working with repairs and plumbing parts, it’s ill advised to have an unexperienced person do a plumbing installation. To ensure that your appliance works well for many years, call the superior plumbing company in Phoenix at Custom Cooling Plumbing.

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Leak Detection in Your Home

It’s important for every homeowner to know the signs of a leak. The most noticeable sign of a leak in your home is the development of a wet spot on the floor, wall, or ceiling. That wet spot is clearly coming from that location and can lead to water damage. For leaks such as slab leaks and mainline water pipe leaks, it’s not as easy to notice. With slab leaks, the only way to find the source of the leak without a plumber is by identifying an area on the ground that is hotter than the rest. That hotspot is the general area where the leak has occurred. If this isn’t apparent, sadly, the only other way to notice major leak such as a slab leak or mainline water pipe leak is to check your water bill. When a leak occurs, there is a significant amount of water that is wasted which leads to an increase in your water bill.   

A leaking pipe is a matter that goes from a minor problem to major one quickly. That’s why contacting a plumber for plumbing leak detection is the first thing you should do. Even if it’s only small kitchen sink leak, it’s crucial to take action and call the best plumber in your area. If you’re in the Phoenix area, then the best plumbers to call are at Custom Cooling and Plumbing Services.

While we handle minor leaks such as sink leaks and kitchen faucet leaks, we are capable of repairing other major leaks. Pipe leaks such as slab leaks and mainline water pipe leaks are no more trouble for us than any other plumbing leak.

Examples of leaks that we can repair include:

  • Slab leaks
  • Shower leaks
  • Toilet leaks
  • Sink leaks
  • Plumbing pipe leaks
  • Sewage pipe leaks
  • Mainline water pipe leaks

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As a homeowner, it’s frustrating when you get ready to take a shower and there’s no hot water. When this occurs, it’s time to have your water heater checked by a plumber. Other signs that your water heater isn’t working include your hot water taking longer than normal to be produced, as well as hot water not being produced for as long as it usually does.

water heater ccp

When a water heater is newer than 10 years of age, the problem can be fixed by repairs. Newer water heaters that breakdown deal with leaking or a malfunctioning part. Our plumbers at Custom Cooling and Plumbing Services in Phoenix are experienced with handling water heater leaks and repairs. Both hot water heater leaks and repairs can be taken care of within the same day that you contact us that you’ll have hot water as soon as possible.

Water heaters older than 15 years of age that breakdown are often considered lost causes to repair. It’s recommended that you replace your old water heater with a new one. Of course, the best plumbing company to do the installation is Custom Cooling and Plumbing Services.

We do the installation of water heaters such as:

  • Gas powered tank water heaters
  • Electrically powered tank water heaters
  • Tankless, or instant, water heaters

Like repairs, the installation of the water heaters can be done the same day that you contact us. Whether it’s a gas or electric powered water heater, tank water heaters are the most commonly used water heaters and they come in several sizes for your hot water needs. Besides tank water heaters, there is the option to install a tankless water heater. Tankless water heater installation is great for those that want to save on their energy and water bill. The tankless water heater heats water instantly, which leads to less energy being used if you don’t take hour long showers.

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Time doesn’t pass without a trace of buildup in the sewer pipes, which is manifested from the deposits of waste in them. Because of this, the properties and characteristics of the movement in the drain determines how fast they will appear. Due to the presence of these layers on the walls, the pipes acquire a smaller cross-section. This leads to a reduction in capacity and clogging of sewerage. In addition to this, due to sediment, there are difficulties with drainage. It turns into a favorable environment for sulfate-reducing bacteria, which are actively multiplying in it. At the same time, products that are not disposable exert a negative influence on the pipes, creating more clogging.

Prevention of blockages

Among the possible methods for preventing sewage sludge, there is no equal in reliability with the use of plugs-filters placed on drainage holes, and carrying out preventive measures that involve washing it.

The necessary effect can be achieved if weekly drain holes are cleaned with a cup of baking soda followed by vinegar. Once foam begins to develop in the pipe, pour hot water down the drain to clear it out.

Determine the clog

In the event of blockages, the order of actions is determined by the specific nature of the clogging.

If water cannot escape through the drain hole in only one plumbing device, it is clear that the resulting clogging has a local character.

If a similar pattern is observed with all plumbing fixtures, then it is likely that the main pipe has been clogged.

Elimination of local sewerage clogging

You can also clear a blockage by pouring boiling water down the drain. With this method, you can easily remove fat deposits.

An alternative solution may be to remove the siphon, whose main task is to filter the suspended particles, and clean it. In the course of dismantling it, it’s important to do everything very carefully and make sure that all the parts remain in place and are intact.

If this attempt isn’t success, it makes sense to resort to chemical preparations for cleaning the sewage system. Most of the cleaners contain the main active component – alkali. With the help of such cleaners, you can remove fat deposits.

If there is a suspicion that the sewerage is clogged because of a buildup of hair, then an acidic cleaner will help here. It is inadmissible to pour any of these preparations into the pipe when there is a serious clog. If the drain does not allow to the cleaner to go down into the drain, there is a risk that the cleaner can spill back, causing a burn.

process of clearing toilet

It should be remembered that a simple plunger can be useful for fighting against clogs. To make it easier to deal with the clogs, it’s recommended that you apply a layer of Vaseline or other thick lubricants to the edges of the plunger and then start cleaning the sewer.

It is important that the whole cup is immersed in water. When placing it on the drain hole, first remove air from the bowl.

Plumbing cable

How do you handle the problem if all means were powerless when clearing the clog? In this case, there can be only one way out – use a plumbing cable. One end of this device provides a handle, and the other – a tip, made in the form of a drill or brush.

Plumbing cable

Figure 2: The plumbing cable

Cables are often used by professionals, and to achieve the desired results, you must have certain skills to work with it. It can bypass the curves of the pipe, but it’s important to understand that they can damage plastic piping. If you doubt whether you will be able to handle the blockages, or you do not have a cable, it is recommended to have a plumber do the work.

Elimination of blockages of main pipes

In principle, similar methods are used here to combat blockages. At the heart of industrial sewage pumping is the use of high pressure and temperature. Drainage cannot be a good reason for panic. With such a mood, people act rashly, as a result of it all ends with even greater problems.

Thats what can recommend you!

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