How to Decide When to Repair or Replace your Air Conditioning Unit

The US Department of Energy estimates that the efficient service life of an air conditioning system is ten to fifteen years in active environments. Here in the Phoenix area, we’ve found, after countless years of repairing air conditioning systems, that the life span runs a little to the shorter side because of the intense temperatures during our summer months.

As an air conditioning repair contractor, Custom Cooling and Plumbing has seen thousands of units.

Some brands do better in our environments than others, but just because we tend to use them for only half the year, does not mean that they’re not subject to damage from harsh desert conditions. In order to insure that you get the most out of your air conditioning unit for years to come, you should consider an annual service by one of Custom Cooling and Plumbing highly trained air conditioning repair & maintenance technicians.

If you have a current unit, before we get into the summer season, you should do a visual inspection of the air conditioning unit. Note any cosmetic or exterior damage. Look for possible fin damage and cooling fan blade damage before lighting up the air conditioning system for the first time in the season. And you’re better off doing this 30 days ahead of needing it. Nothing like finding out that some foreign object has damaged your air conditioner system when you really need it to be comfortable.
There may be signs or symptoms that the unit has surpassed it’s life expectancy and that you need to replace your AC unit. The first sign is usually that the air conditioner needs more frequent repairs. Needing to have your air conditioner service done by an air conditioning repair company more than once per year is a pretty good sign that the unit may need replacing very soon. Another point to look for – is the AC unit not throwing very cold air or does it seem to not be running as efficiently, or running much longer to cool your space. Another symptom is sound. Does it sound as it use to? Does it sound rougher? Do dogs howl and cry when it comes on because the noise is unbearable to a beagle?

These symptoms may mean that there are service issues, or that you could be do for a replacement. As professional air conditioning repair technicians, we will give you an honest and fair assessment of the situation and make sure that we save you as much money as possible whether we are going to repair your air conditioning system or replace your whole air conditioning unit.

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Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Air Conditioning System

In the Phoenix area, March/April is the best time to prepare you air conditioning system for the hot months that are just around the corner. I’m not sure how long you’ve lived in the Phoenix area, but we’ve been here long enough to see some blistering hot summers. Having your air conditioner ready and running efficiently in order to save money from the possible heavy use of a blistering summer can be really important.

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