Are you looking for the best plumbing service in Arizona? Hiring a plumbing company to help you with your home or commercial building’s plumbing needs can make all the difference.


Whether you have clogged drains, water damage, or some other emergency affecting your plumbing system, you need someone qualified and experienced – and not to mention trustworthy! Especially in emergencies, for example, if there is any chance of contamination in the structure’s water supply, it is vital that the proper professionals are contacted as soon as possible.


Finding a company that will deal with the problem immediately to avoid dishes piling up, toilets not flushing, or sinks full of dirt while you’re waiting for a plumber to arrive can be hard. However, you can call the best plumbing service in Arizona to make it easier for you.

Are you looking for the best plumbing service provider in Arizona?

If you need a plumbing company in Arizona, there are many things that you should take into consideration before hiring one. First and foremost, you will want to make sure that the company is licensed and insured.


This will protect you in the event that something goes wrong during the course of their work. Secondly, you will want to check out the reviews of previous customers to get an idea of what others think of their work. Finally, make sure to ask for recommendations from friends or family who may have had plumbers come to their homes.

How can you spot the best service for your home’s needs?

If you’re trying to find a good plumbing company in Arizona, there are a few things you can do to help you spot the best one for your home’s needs. One of the best ways is to schedule an instant appointment and get a free cost estimate upfront. This will allow you to see how much the company will charge for their services and whether they’re worth it.


Custom Plumbing offers a free estimate and provides emergency plumbing services 24/7 each day of the year. So rest assured that when you call us for a plumbing emergency, you’ll be our top priority. We’ll respond quickly and not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Custom Plumbing has been providing quality plumbing services to homeowners in the western United States since 2001. We offer Emergency 24-Hour Plumbing Services, Repairing and Replacing Water Fixtures, Misting Systems, Boiler Repair, Sewer Line Repair and Replacement, Pumping Systems, Toilets/Urinals Repair and Replacement, Water Softeners and R/Os, Water Heaters, Repiping, Garbage Disposals, Sewer and Water Locating, and Slab Leak Detection and Repair Services.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and workmanship. We take pride in our reputation for being one of the most trusted plumbing companies in the area.


Whether you need plumbing repairs, a new water heater, or are planning a remodel, Custom Plumbing is here to help. We offer both commercial and residential plumbing services, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. We have a team of experienced and certified plumbers ready to take on your project, big or small. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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If you are one of the many people who needs to maintain your water heater, you may have some enlightening questions to ask yourself, such as “how to maintain a water heater?” If so, you aren’t alone! There are many parts to a water heater that requires maintenance, so if you are not sure how to keep your water heater running and what steps to take, this article can help.

What is a Water Heater?

A water heater is a device that provides hot water on demand. It is used in homes and businesses to heat water for cooking, bathing, and other needs. Heaters come in different sizes and shapes and can be used with gas, electricity, or oil. Water heaters are usually located in the basement or attic of a home. 

Depending on your home’s energy source, you may need to purchase a specific type of water heater. There are two types of water heaters: electric and gas. Electric water heaters use electricity to heat the water, and gas water heaters use natural gas or propane to heat the water.

Tips and Tricks on How to Maintain a Water Heater

You can do a few things to keep your water heater running smoothly and efficiently. Here are a few tips: 

Test the temperature-pressure-release valve

1.Shut off the power.

2. Turn off the cold-water supply valve.

3. Put a bucket under the pipe connected to the TPR valve, which is usually located on the side or top of the tank. This valve releases pressure if the tank gets too hot.

4. Let the water out of the tank using the tab located on the valve. If water continues to flow after you release the tab, drain the tank partially and install a new valve.

Check the anode rod

1.Attach a hose to the tank’s drain valve and release a few gallons of water into a bucket or down a drain.

2. Unscrew the rod. If the rod is less than ½ inch, wrap the threads with Teflon tape, place the bottom of the rod in the water tank, and tighten securely. If headroom is limited, use a segmented rod.

Drain the tank and wash out sediment

1.Drain the remaining water left in the tank, then briefly rinse your tank by opening the cold-water supply valve and letting pipes drain. Keep repeating until you get clean water from the hose.

2. Close the drain valve, refill the tank, and restore power to the unit. 

Adjust the temperature

1. Use the temperature dial to lower your energy bills and unscrew the cover. Set the dial at 120 degrees. Every 10 degrees you lower the temperature can save you 5% in energy costs.

2. If you’re going to be gone more than three days, turn off the water heater or set the thermostat as low as it goes.

Insulate the pipes

1. Buy some self-sticking 3/8-inch-thick foam pipe insulation that matches the pipes’ diameter.

2. Apply the insulation over the cold-water pipe. This will prevent condensation during summer.

3. Tape the insulation in place using the attached adhesive, working your way down the pipe. If the pipe is close to the flue, wrap it with a layer of fiberglass pipe-wrap.

Insulate the heater

1. Cut the insulating blanket to fit around the pipes, temperature control, and TPR valve.

2. Foil tape should cover cuts in the insulation on a tank to prevent leaks, but not the top of oil and gas heaters.

3. Place an oversize circle of insulation on the top of an electric heater, and secure it tightly to the side of the tank.

Need Help Maintaining Your Home’s Water Heater? Contact us Today!

If you have more questions on how to maintain a water heater, don’t hesitate to call Custom Plumbing of Arizona. Our experienced professionals are here to help, and we will get your system up and running as quickly as possible. 

We also offer 24/7 emergency service which means you can be sure we’ll be able to take care of it. So give us a call today at 602-883-2761 to schedule a repair or checkup!

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Being a plumber is about more than fixing leaks. Why do they call me “The Drain WhispererTM?” It’s about both the services we offer and the results we get.

Our full-service, dependable sewer repair and drainage company can handle any plumbing or sewer issue, such as sewer replacement, sewage pipe repair, and drain cleaning. Our services offer you everything from structural fault repairs to root removal and all types of drain cleaning – because we know that sometimes you may need more than just one type of service for your particular home plumbing needs.

We thoroughly examine your sewage pipes using advanced techniques, sewer camera inspection methods, and powerful sewer line cleaning. Let us handle all of your sewage and plumbing cleaning requirements with expertise.

Our Drain Cleaning Plumber Services include:


Clogged toilets, showers, and sinks are a nightmare for any household. This is especially aggravating if you’ve tried plunging or a chemical cleaning solution, yet the clog persists. Hiring Custom Plumbing for the best home plumbing services is the answer. Our emergency plumber will come to your rescue and clean your drain so you no longer have to struggle with the discomfort and stench.



A plumbing snake is the best answer for a blockage too challenging for a plunger to handle but still easy enough to force through. The most frequently used cleaning equipment is the plumbing snake. The plumbing snake slides down the pipe and pushes through the blockage with a sharp tip on the end of a metal rod, allowing the water to flow again. 

The plumbing snake is an economical alternative to choose when deciding how to deal with the obstruction causing the drain to clog. Our plumbers will clear the block so that you may use your drain on the same day you contact us.



While drain snakes are quite helpful in most situations, their pointed tips aren’t powerful enough to remove every blockage from your drain. As a result, we also provide hydro jetting drain cleaning services. A hydro jet is a gadget with a powerful water jet that clears clogs in drains by spraying high-pressure water into them. This jet stream is powerful enough to remove any obstruction in the gutter, no matter how large.

Whether there are tree branches or boulders in the drain, the hydro-jet has the power to drive the objects down the drain, allowing water to flow again. Another advantage of the hydro jet is that it can clear the drain walls of any grease buildup that may have caused or is causing the clog. 

The hydro jetting drain cleaning procedure is more expensive than using a plumbing snake because of the effectiveness of high-pressure water, but the extra money our plumbers charge will assure that you will completely clean the drain of anything causing the clog now and in the future.

One thing to consider before having your pipes cleaned with hydro jetting is the type of pipes you have. Due to its force, hydro jetting drain cleaning may be too much for old, rusted pipes that are starting to break down and pipes composed of fragile materials like PEX or PVC plumbing.

Need help with a problematic drain? Get in touch with a plumber from Custom Plumbing of Arizona today.

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If you’ve read our first post on how to avoid buying a home with plumbing problems, you’re in luck. This is our follow-up article on how to avoid plumbing problems after buying a house. As with anything, prevention and inspection are key to avoiding mishaps. Don’t get stuck in a home with expensive plumbing repairs—follow these tips first.


Plumbing Problems After Buying a House: 3 Tips


  1. Check the Water Meter to Find Leaks

If the home you wish to buy is equipped with a water meter, checking the reading is a good way to look for leaks. In Arizona, most homes have their water meter located outside. Your first step is to turn off all of the faucets in the home. At this point, your water meter should be still—this is an indication that no water is actively running inside of the home.

But if you notice that the water meter is still moving, that could be a sign of a leak. While you should get a plumbing inspection in any case, this is definitely a situation to call a plumber for leak detection. Be sure that the seller resolves any leaks before you settle into a new home.


  1. Check the Shut-off Valve

There’s no universal location for a home’s shut-off valve, but you might find it in a few different places. Does the house have a basement or underground space? Check these areas first.

Is the home built on a slab? Go ahead and inspect the garage or water heater area for signs of the valve.

If you’ve looked in every feasible location inside of your home but don’t find it, you will need to look outside. Check near any outside faucets. This is an especially common location for warm climates like those of Arizona since we don’t often have to worry about frozen pipes.

You might have a wheel valve that twists or you might have a valve with a handle. To shut wheel valves off, twist them clockwise until you can’t twist anymore. For valves with handles, lift the handle up one quarter of the way until it’s directly perpendicular to the pipe.

Once the shut-off valve is off, try to turn on any faucets in the home. No water should drip or gush out. In the case that it does, you’ll know that the shut-off valve needs repairs.


  1. Check Your Pipes

To avoid plumbing problems after buying a house, determine the age and material of the pipes within. If the pipes seem like they’re old and haven’t been replaced, you will probably want a plumber to take a closer look at them.

Copper or plastic pipes are usually an indication that the pipes have been replaced. Galvanized steel pipes tend to be fairly old since they were commonly used between the 1930s to 1980s. Since they degrade and rust easily, you will probably want to request a complete repiping of the home.

If the house has lead pipes, you will definitely need to replace them since they’re unsafe. Lead can cause significant health issues if it gets into your drinking water.


Trust Us to Catch Plumbing Issues Before You Buy

Need a plumber to come out to your dream home and perform a home inspection? Our plumbing professionals are happy to provide you with a free estimate. Call us at 602-883-2761.

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While Christmas is a few weeks from today, you should start preparing to receive guests now. The sooner you begin your prep, the sooner you can successfully fend off any holiday plumbing incidents. Here are 5 basics to prepare your home to receive guests this holiday season.

5 Holiday Plumbing Tips to Follow

  1. Keep Plungers in Your Bathrooms

The kindest thing you can do for your guests is to keep a plunger in your bathroom. In the case that they experience a clogged toilet, they can skip the embarrassment and go straight to fixing the problem. This is especially important during the holidays, where your bathrooms receive a ton of use. In fact, overuse and excess toilet paper are two of the most common reasons behind clogged toilets.

An extra bonus is keeping air freshener stocked in your bathroom in case of any, uh… incidents.


  1. Find Ways to Store Grease

While plenty of holiday food produces grease or drippings, you shouldn’t pour these liquids down your sink or garbage disposal. Grease can solidify in your pipes, causing clogs that no one wants to deal with on a holiday. Instead, use leftover cans or jars you don’t use to store excess grease or oils. If you have a large amount that you can’t comfortably store, ask your local recycling center what the recommended disposal method is.


  1. Make Covers for Outdoor Faucets and Pipes

While the weather in Arizona is usually nice and hot, the temperatures can drop much lower in the evening. The last thing you need are frozen pipes during your festivities. Water expands as it freezes, meaning your pipes may form cracks or even break altogether. Burst pipes can cause severe water damage that is expensive to fix. To avoid these issues, place covers on your outdoor faucets and pipes to prevent freezing.


  1. Clean Out Your Septic Tank

If your home has a septic tank, be sure to perform maintenance on it before having lots of guests over. A septic tank is an underground container. It holds your wastewater and treats it before returning it to the ground. So when you flush your toilet or clean your dirty dishes, all the water is going through that tank. A professional should be pumping, flushing, and rinsing your septic tank every three years or so. Before your toilet is subject to plenty of use, get this tank pumped out.


  1. Make Sure Your Water Heater Works

Have guests staying over? Between showers, dish washing, and sink use, your water heater will receive a lot of use during this time. Don’t let anybody’s hot water run out in the middle of their shower—make sure your water heater is up to date. If it’s been 10 years since the last installation, it might be best to replace it.


Recommended reading: No Hot Water? 5 Water Heater Warning Signs to Watch Out for


Follow these holiday plumbing tips to make sure your gatherings are full of joy and laughter. Got an issue you can’t fix on your own? Call our plumbing experts at 602-883-2761.

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