Custom Plumbing has been providing trusted sewer repair and professional drain cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ since 2001. We have the capability to handle any plumbing problem or sewer concern you may be experiencing including sewer replacement, sewer pipe repair, and clogged drain cleaning. Whether your sewer system is affected by structural defects or obstructions from tree roots and other blockages, we have the right remedies to resolve the issue.


We used advanced techniques to thoroughly inspect your sewer lines using sewer camera inspection techniques and powerful Phoenix sewer line cleaning. With more than 14 years of experience, we are one of the leading hydro jetting cleaning services Phoenix AZ companies and homeowners rely on. We are dedicated to delivering trusted workmanship at competitive rates. Let us expertly handle all of your sewer and plumbing cleaning needs.


Drain Cleaning Services

Having a toilet, shower, or sink clog up is an awful experience for any homeowner. This is can be especially horrible if you’ve tried plunging or using chemical cleaning solution and the clog still isn’t going down. The solution is hiring Custom Plumbing for the best residential plumbing services in Phoenix, AZ. Our emergency plumbing services will come to your aid and clean your drain so that you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience and stench any longer than you have to.


Plumbing Snake Drain Cleaning

For a blockage that is too tough for a plunger to handle, but still easy enough to be pushed through, the best solution for the issue is a plumbing snake. The plumbing snake is the most commonly used cleaning tool. By using a pointed tip on the end of a metal rod, the plumbing snake slides down the pipe and pushes through the blockage to allow the water to flow again. Because of the plumbing snake’s simplicity, it’s a very affordable option to choose when deciding how you would like to take care of the blockage creating the clog in the drain. Our experts will break through the blockage so that you will have a cleaned drain that you can use the same day that you contact us.

Want to know the cost to snake main drain in your home? Give us a call.


Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning Phoenix

While drain snakes are very effective in most scenarios, their pointed tips aren’t forceful enough to take care of every blockage that could be clogging your drain. That’s why we also offer the hydro jetting drain cleaning method. The hydro jet is a device that has a powerful water jet that sprays high pressure water into a drain to clear blockages. This jet stream is powerful enough to clear any blockage of any magnitude that is built up in the drain. It doesn’t matter if there are tree branches and rocks in the drain, the hydro jet has the power to push the objects down the drain to allow water to go down the drain again. Another benefit of the hydro jet is its ability to clear the walls of the drain of any grease build up that could possibly cause or be causing the clog. Due to the effectiveness of the high pressure water, the hydro jetting drain cleaning method is more expensive than the use of the plumbing snake, but that extra cost our plumbers charge will ensure that you will completely clean the drain of anything creating the clog now and in the future.

One thing to be aware of before deciding to have hydro jetting cleaning done is the kind of pipes that have. Due to its force, hydro jetting drain clearing could be too much to handle for old pipes that are corroded and are beginning to break down, as well as pipes that are made of delicate materials such as PEX or PVC piping.


What Does It Cost to Snake Main Drain? What Does Hydro Jet Cleaning Cost?

Curious about our Phoenix drain cleaning cost or how much it costs to snake your drain? Want to learn more about what our plumbers charge? For pricing and what to expect to pay, please call us today. The cost to unclog a drain shouldn’t set you back too much. At Custom Plumbing, we offer our clients competitive pricing for all of our services.


Custom Plumbing: Ask about Our Sewer Pipe Cleaning Methods and Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Cost

CCP service is the best option to choose from when deciding between plumbing contractors in Phoenix, AZ. If you’re in the Phoenix area and are experiencing a plumbing problem that requires residential plumbing services, Custom Plumbing services will deliver the professional drain cleaning services that you deserve. Contact the plumbers in Phoenix at Custom Plumbing.


Sewer Line Cleaning Phoenix: Comprehensive Sewer Line Services

Our drain cleaners know how to fully clear out your clogged drains effectively. Our clogged drain cleaning services are provided for kitchen drains, bathroom drains, basement drains or any other drain system in your home. Using powerful hydro jetting technology, our sewer cleaners offer the trusted services you can depend on.

Whether your service request includes sewer line repair or clogged Phoenix sewer line cleaning, we will do the best job for your Phoenix home or business. Contact us today to learn about our Phoenix drain cleaning cost.

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