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“Free Yearly Plumbing Inspection Near Phoenix, AZ”

  • We found a hot water slab leak. Joe came out & confirmed my amateur diagnosis. The next morning They were back & in action. Rerouted our hot water line with minimal intrusion(wall damage) Quick, clean, & professional all the way. Thank you guys for the help.

    Az Mcd Avatar
    Az Mcd
  • I had Daniel come out and he was very professional and fast. I felt comfortable having him work for us. Was very upfront with cost and what was necessary to get the job done. Thanks Daniel

    Suzi D Avatar
    Suzi D
  • Kevin did a good job explaining the issue with the pilot light on the water heater and once could get the right part fixed it and cleaned the unit as well. Good work at fair price.

    Phil Clay Avatar
    Phil Clay
  • We had a leaky pipe and Don was able to figure out the issue quickly. The fix was not hard and I could tell Don was very knowledgeable. The customer service was great and I would call them again for future issues. Thanks.

    Sc Bo Avatar
    Sc Bo
  • Michael did a great job. He uncovered plumbing issues that needed to be addressed and he fixed them.

    Bottom line, we are protected from future problems and much cost. And your Business received more than $1,000 extra on your original Invoice.

    Win-Win Deal.

    James Dillon Avatar
    James Dillon
  • Johnny and Cody did great work. They went above and beyond to get the job done on time. Will definitely use them in the future.

    John Little Avatar
    John Little
  • Daniel did a superb job installing a new water heater for me today. Extremely professional and friendly. I will always use this company in the future because of people who really care about customer servive. Making the appointment was easy too.

    Betty South Avatar
    Betty South
  • I had leaking ball valves in the washing machine cutoff. Another company wanted to cut open the wall and sweat the fittings. This is a common fix, Daniel took the time to look and see that it used NTP fittings and was able to replace them in just a few minutes.

    James Treat Avatar
    James Treat
  • Couldn’t have asked for better service !! From both Dennis and Daniel, they were super helpful and their experience really shows ! They check my system and thoroughly explained to me the situation and my options. Words can’t explain how thankful and happy I am/was with there service. 5/5 recommend

    francisco sanchez Avatar
    francisco sanchez
  • Needed to replace a couple of toilets in my home. Custom Plumbing of Arizona gave me a fair price and the technician Kevin was respectful, prompt, and explained to me what he was doing so I could better understand. Will be using Custom for all my future plumbing needs.

    Kelsy Sackrey Avatar
    Kelsy Sackrey

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It finally happened. You went to bed early last night to get a jumpstart on your morning. You were motivated to get up and get stuff done! And you would have had a great day, too, if you had gotten that free plumbing inspection.

Except you woke up to a soggy mess. Maybe your hot water heater exploded. Or a pipe burst. Or the hard water finally corroded through a main line. It doesn’t matter at this point. Your day, perhaps your week, is ruined because now you have to spend time calling around to find a good plumber.

We’ve all seen the calcium deposits that form on the shower head. That’s from hard water. Essentially, when it rains, the liquid that soaks you from head to toe on the way to the car is naturally soft—that is, it contains very few minerals. All the water that isn’t evaporated by the sun has to go somewhere, so it seeps into the ground and filters through underground aquifers. These underground aquifers are rich in minerals—calcium and magnesium among those we see in high amounts. The more minerals that the liquid picks up, the “harder” the water.

What if you could find the next problem before it damages your home…for free?
That’s what we’re offering. As long as you schedule an inspection within 12 months of last year’s inspection, we won’t charge you a dime. Wait too long and that free yearly plumbing inspection goes away.

Absolutely Free Yearly Plumbing Inspection
Absolutely Free Yearly Plumbing Inspection1

You might be thinking, why not waive the fee entirely? Why the catch? We get it. But because we’re like you—too busy to remember to pick up the phone without some encouragement—we know that sometimes free isn’t enough. Sometimes, we need a little extra incentive to take action. We’ve seen firsthand how devastating plumbing disasters can be and we want to spare you that stress. After all, it’s our job to keep your pipes working and to do that, we need to know when there’s a problem that needs fixing. But first, we need you to contact us.


How much does a plumbing inspection cost?

On average, a plumbing inspection costs $200 nationwide. Most homeowners spend between $180 and $225 for the inspection, which covers the labor and expertise involved in locating plumbing problems but does not include the cost of repairs. The low-end cost for a plumbing inspection is typically between $63 and $150, while the high-end cost can be as much as $250 to $429.

Keep in mind that these costs are only estimates, and the actual price of a plumbing inspection may vary depending on the location and specific needs of the property.

How often should pipes be inspected?

It is generally recommended to have pipes inspected every two years. Annual inspections may not be necessary as plumbing systems do not typically degrade as quickly as mechanical systems like HVAC systems. However, having a professional conduct an inspection every two years is a good way to ensure that your plumbing system is functioning properly and to identify any potential issues before they become major problems.

Why do pipes need to be inspected?

There are several reasons why pipes should be inspected:

  • To detect leaks: Leaks can be hard to detect, especially if they are small or located in an area that is not easily visible. An inspection can help to identify leaks before they cause significant damage to your home.
  • To check for corrosion: Pipes can corrode over time, weakening them and leading to leaks or other problems. An inspection can help to identify any areas of corrosion so that they can be repaired or replaced before they cause issues.
  • To check for blockages: Blockages in pipes can cause problems with your plumbing system, such as reduced water flow or backups. An inspection can help identify any blockages and determine the cause so they can be removed.
  • To identify any other problems: An inspection can also help to identify any other problems with your pipes, such as wear and tear, age-related issues, or improper installation.

By identifying these issues early, you can take steps to repair or replace the pipes before they cause more serious problems.


Plumbing Inspection Near Me: What Is It and Why Should I Get One?

Searching for a “plumbing inspection near me”? Here’s the answer to “what is a plumbing inspection” and why you might want to schedule one. When it comes to your home’s plumbing system, it’s important to keep it in good working order. One way to do this is by scheduling a plumbing inspection. But what is a plumbing inspection, and why should you get one?  In this article, we’ll answer those questions and provide some critical reasons why you should consider scheduling a pipe inspection. What is a Plumbing Inspection? A plumbing inspection is a thorough examination of your home’s plumbing system. This includes checking the pipes, fixtures, and appliances that make up your system to ensure they are in good working order. A plumbing inspection can be performed by a professional plumber or a home inspector. During a plumbing inspection, the inspector will check for issues such as leaks, blockages, and faulty pipes or fixtures. They may also test the water pressure and check for potential hazards, such as gas leaks. Why Should I Schedule a Pipe Inspection? 3 Critical Reasons There are several reasons why you should consider scheduling a plumbing inspection. Here are three critical reasons: Buying or … Continue reading Plumbing Inspection Near Me: What Is It and Why Should I Get One?

How Often Should you Have Your Sewer Lines Cleaned?

How often should you have your sewer lines cleaned? When your sewer lines are clogged, they cause a lot of problems. From plugged toilets to clogged sink drains and less-than-pleasant sewer smells, it’s worth catching the issue early on. Luckily, you can prevent this problem by having your sewer pipes cleaned periodically. But how often should you have this done? Let’s find out! Home and Business Commercial and residential pipes require different levels of cleaning. Commercial lines should be cleaned every 18 to 22 months because they are used more often than residential ones, which should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years. Businesses that are high-risk due to their heavy drain usage should make sure their commercial sewer lines are clean, like restaurants and hotels. People with septic systems can go a long time before getting their septic systems cleaned out, but it’s still a good idea to have this done every few years. You should ensure to get this done at least every two years if you own a large house and have a big family, as you would create more sewage waste in the interim. Causes of Sewer Line Blockages Sewer lines that are clogged or backed … Continue reading How Often Should you Have Your Sewer Lines Cleaned?

Your Sagging Sewer Line Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

A sagging sewer line can become a serious problem if you don’t fix it. Here’s what you can expect. One flush. Two flushes. Three flushes. Four. Once again, you have found yourself standing next to the toilet, pushing the lever and staring as the you-know-what spins round and round but refuses to go down. Don’t worry, it’s not you—it’s your sagging sewer line. Then again, maybe you should worry. If something is wrong with your sewer line, you know it’s going to be expensive to fix. But just like your clogged toilet, a sewer line belly is not going to go away on its own. In fact, it might just cause more damage if you let it sit, and that really stinks. What is a sewer line belly? A sagging sewer line, or belly, occurs when a dip forms at one or more spots along the sewer pipe. Most sewer lines use gravity to transfer waste from a home to the sewer. The water you send down the drain carries the solid waste down a sloping pipe that leads from your home to the main sewer system. Sometimes, the slope of a sewer line gets disrupted, which prevents the water … Continue reading Your Sagging Sewer Line Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen


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