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3 strategies that improve indoor air quality

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3 strategies that improve indoor air quality

How often should the cleaning service of an air conditioning unit be done? What is ivolved in the cleaning service?

The air conditioner is a device that requires a scheduled maintenance, including regular cleaning. If you don’t clean the air conditioner it can lead to quick deterioration of the air conditioning and will need to be repaired soon. It also significantly increases energy consumption. In addition, all the climate equipment needs to be cleaned also because with time it accumulates a variety of dust and dirt that build up fungus and can eventually affect the air. This provokes a variety of asthmatic diseases and causes problems with the lungs. The air conditioner is further cleaning the air from dust and bacterial contamination only until it gets dirty. Simultaneously with the accumulation of harmful substances, the device emits them into the surrounding space, which can cause respiratory diseases.

Cleaning of air conditioners can be done at home by yourself or with the help of experts. If it is not possible to effectively remove contaminants from the device, then the cleaning must be committed to professionals from the service center.

In most cases, subject to regular cleaning, you can do the cleaning of air conditioner by yourself at home. It isn’t difficult to perform the entire purification procedure. it”s important to simply remember the sequence of actions. It is necessary to clean both the indoor unit of the air conditioner and the outdoor one.

How to understand how often it is necessary to do a cleaning service of the air conditioner? It depends on how often you use it. This can also be determined by the contamination level of the air filter. If you follow the standards, the air conditioner needs to be cleaned after every month.

First you need to determine the interval with which you need to clean the filter of the device. It’s directly related to the frequency of its use and to the level of air pollution of the place where the air conditioner is located. The standard period of device operation without cleaning is one month, however during this time it is necessary to periodically check the air filters for their contamination.

The filter of the indoor unit should be carried out in a certain sequence.

First you need to disconnect the equipment from the mains, raise a front panel and check the contamination level of filters. After that, it’s necessary to carefully remove the filters, clean them with a vacuum cleaner and then rinse under running water. If the air conditioner, during operation, exudes unpleasant smells, it is necessary to get the appropriate disinfectant liquid that must be sprayed into the radiator with a spray gun (after removing the dust mesh). Then you need to dry the filters and put into place, close the front panel, wipe device and plug it into the mains back.

Cleaning of other elements of the device indoor unit, such as heat radiators, impellers or drainage pipelines, will be more efficiently performed by professional specialists. As for cleaning of the outdoor unit, it can also be done only by the service departments dealing with split systems. Interval of preventive maintenance – 1-2 times a year; also it is especially recommended to clean the air conditioner before the immediate period of active use.