What does it cost to snake a main drain? Find out the answer in this article. Hint: it can be expensive if you don’t pick the right plumber.

If you have a clog in your home’s main line, you may be wondering whether snaking your drain is worth the cost. Snaking a drain is typically inexpensive when compared to other options. However, the actual cost depends on a number of factors, including the plumber you choose.

Here are a few things you need to consider.

Cost to Snake a Main Drain

The cost of snaking a main drain is usually more expensive than snaking a regular drain, like a shower or sink. On average, it costs anywhere from $150 to $500, depending on the difficulty of the job and your plumber’s rates. For severe clogs, you may even need hydro-jetting services to completely clear the pipe.

The cost of the job can also go up because of several factors. If your plumber requires a trip charge to diagnose your problem, that’s already $50-200 added to your total bill before the job even begins. The severity, blockage cause, blockage location, and unforeseen damage can also make the cost to snake a main drain go up.

Other Options for Unclogging a Main Drain

Before you worry about the cost to snake a main drain, or if snaking the drain is not effective, you can try a few other solutions to rectify the situation. Some DIY solutions to loosen the clog include:

  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Caustic cleaner
  • Plunger
  • Plumbing snake or auger rental
  • Chemical cleaners

Keep in mind that these methods are often less effective and can cause complications that lead to repairs. For instance, chemical cleaners can be hard on your pipes, so use caution when you choose this option. You should also exercise caution when trying to operate a plumbing snake or auger. Improper use may damage your pipes or even make the clog worse.

As previously mentioned, for complicated clogs, professional hydro-jetting may be your best bet, although this service is usually more expensive. 

Why You Should Let a Professional Clear Your Main Line

In addition to the risk that you take on when you try to solve your plumbing problems on your own, there are many reasons why you should let a professional take care of it for you. First, clearing a drain is a messy, unpleasant job. If you don’t want to be elbow-deep in dirt, grease, hair, and who knows what else, you should hire a professional.

Second, professional plumbers know the best method to use for each job. They are trained to work as fast and effectively as possible. Clearing a drain yourself will take much longer than it will take a plumber, so the money you spend on longer rental times for equipment and other materials may add up to what you would have had to pay a plumber anyway.

Want to learn more about the cost to snake a main drain? Custom Plumbing of Arizona is here to help!

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What is hydro-jetting, you ask? Learn more about how this service option can clear your blocked pipes in no time here.

When you have a drain that is clogged with all kinds of nasty who-knows-what, it can be difficult to find a solution to get your pipes flowing again. Not many people know what hydro-jetting is or how it can solve their blockage problem quickly, safely, and sometimes permanently.

As the owner of Custom Plumbing of Arizona, I want to make sure my customers have all the information they need to make a smart decision. Here’s what you absolutely need to know about it.


What is hydro-jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a drain cleaning method that frees plumbing of grease, organic material, and debris. The idea is simple—blast high-pressure water through the pipes until the blockage is pushed free. With pressures as high as 4,000 psi, hydro-jetting is one of the most effective ways to clear your pipes of stubborn blockages of all types.


Benefits of Hydro-Jetting

Compared to other blockage-clearing methods, hydro-jetting has many benefits that put it at the top. These include:

  • It clears everything (and I mean everything).
  • It doesn’t require digging or demolition.
  • It uses only water—your home and the environment will thank you for not using harmful chemicals!
  • It removes gunk, grease, and goop that catches larger pieces of debris so you don’t have to worry about clogs coming back.

No matter what is causing your blockage, hydro-jetting can easily push everything out, so it no longer obstructs the flow of water. You don’t have to worry about damaging your lawn or concrete to access your pipes—or repairing them when the job is done.

What is hydro-jetting? Get the answers you need from a professional.


Why It May Not Be Right for You

While hydro-jetting is an excellent choice in many situations, it is not a silver bullet for all blockages. You need to be careful in a few scenarios, or you might risk damaging your plumbing.

First, if your pipes are old and brittle, they may not stand up to the high pressure of hydro-jetting. If this happens, repairs could be expensive. You may want to consider repiping your house before taking advantage of hydro-jetting.

Second, if you are looking to DIY, hydro-jetting is not an option. Plumbing experts are trained to use high-powered equipment to get the job done safely. Luckily, you have other options when it comes to a clogged drain.



Have a stubborn blockage? Learn more about your options.

Do you have a slow-moving or completely blocked drain that just doesn’t want to budge no matter what you try? Hydro-jetting might be your best option. To learn more about what your next steps should be, contact the pros at Custom Plumbing of Arizona. We will give you the best service you have ever experienced. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one of our clients had to say:

What is hydro-jetting from Custom Plumbing? What one customer says about us.

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Commercial boiler repair is a critical service for businesses across Arizona. Here’s the best time to schedule maintenance for your system, how often you should schedule service, and other times to consider calling a professional.

Many businesses and commercial property owners have to contend with high heating costs during the cold months, even here in Arizona. Maintaining an efficient heating system can keep your operational costs down when the temperature plummets, and if your building uses a commercial boiler to keep the indoors cozy and comfortable, you need to know the best time to service your system.

Wait, why are we talking about heating during one of the hottest months of the year?

Well, it turns out that…


Early summer is one of the best times for commercial boiler repair!

Think about it. First, when are heating specialists the busiest? In case you don’t know, the answer is during the fall and winter months. Even during early spring, heating service and repair can be in high demand if winter takes a long time to fade.

Second, if you want to be prepared for the cold, it’s best to take care of any problems while you do not need to worry about staying warm, especially if you need to budget for any costly repairs. You do not want to get caught without heat when it gets cold at night.

Even though Arizona has relatively mild winters, having your heat go out can keep you from running your business. Scheduling commercial boiler repair now will help you stay open all year, without any interruptions.


How often should I service my commercial boiler?

Regular tune-ups are essential for any heating system. Maintaining your system is usually less expensive than repairing a broken boiler, so you shouldn’t neglect to schedule regular service. At a minimum, you should have a professional inspect and service your boiler once a year.

Regular maintenance will also improve efficiency, which can drive down your operational costs. As a business owner or commercial space owner, you know just how important it is to save costs wherever you can.


Are there other times when I should schedule service?

In addition to annual commercial boiler repair service, you should also consider scheduling a maintenance call when you purchase new property. There is no telling when the previous owners last serviced the heating system. It is better to know about any problems from the start so you can plan for future repair costs.

Servicing your new property’s boiler will also start you on a regular schedule, which can increase the lifespan of your heating system. The longer your boiler lasts, the less you will have to spend. Anyone who has had to replace their commercial boiler knows how expensive it can be.


Schedule Your Service Now

Custom Plumbing of Arizona is here to help you keep your boiler in great shape so that you don’t have to worry about the heat going out when it gets cold. To schedule your annual service, contact us today.

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Does your home sit on a post-tension slab? If so, a slab leak could be difficult for you to fix. This article explains why a post-tension slab leak is a challenging repair job.

Slab leaks are one of the most involved plumbing repairs that we handle at Custom Plumbing. When your home is built on a post-tension slab foundation, though, things get even more complicated.

Why? Well, we’ll get to that.

First, let’s explore what this type of slab foundation is, how to tell if your home has one, and why you should never cut through it to fix a plumbing issue.

Not sure if your home has this type of foundation? Here’s what you need to know.

What is a post-tension slab?

The purpose of a post-tension slab is to reduce building costs in areas with expansive or otherwise poor soil conditions. The idea is that this type of foundation spreads the weight of the home over a larger area. Whereas a regular slab puts most of the weight on footings, a post-tension slab puts some of the weight on the slab itself.

How to Identify It

If you are unsure whether your home falls into this category, there are a few ways to tell. Look for these signs before doing any repairs under the slab:

  • Look for a stamp in the concrete that identifies the post-tension slab (usually near the garage door or another easily noticeable location).
  • In older homes, check for an identifying sign attached to the wall in the garage.
  • If no signs are visible on your home, you can also check your home’s building plans.
  • You may also be able to see signs of a post-tension slab on the outside of your foundation. Look for circular concrete patches about two to four feet apart.

Once you figure out what type of foundation your home has, you should still wait to start work on a slab leak. Here’s why.

Never Cut This Type of Slab

Some leaks under a home’s slab require cutting through the slab to access the broken pipe. You should NEVER cut through a post-tension slab. The reason is that you could damage or sever one of the cables running through the concrete. Doing so could risk the integrity of the foundation and possibly even cause one of the cables to rip through the foundation and seriously injure someone.

Instead, a trained professional will need to do this to repair a leak.

Tunneling to Repair a Post-Tension Slab Leak

To repair this type of plumbing problem, you will need a professional to tunnel underneath the slab to access the damaged pipe. There are actually some benefits to fixing the problem this way. You won’t damage any of your home’s floors. You won’t lose access to your home while repairs are being completed. By tunneling, you won’t risk introducing mold to the interior of your home.

Think you might have a post-tension slab leak? Stop procrastinating and call us.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions. We are happy to speak to you about what you are experiencing.

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Looking for plumbers that handle slab leak detection in Phoenix? Custom Plumbing of Arizona specializes in this essential service. Here’s why we think you should hire a professional as soon as possible.

If you have ever experienced a slab leak, you know exactly how devastating it can be. If not, then you should know that not only can a slab leak under your home be financially devastating, but also it can be dangerous.

Not sure whether to hire someone to look for a potential slab leak in your home? Here’s why we think you should.

3 Reasons to Hire a Pro for Slab Leak Detection in Phoenix

Slab Leaks Need to Be Fixed ASAP

If your home has a slab leak, it needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to address the problem, the more damage it can do to your foundation. The first step is detecting the leak, and that usually requires a professional plumber.

Professional Plumbers Have Access to Special Equipment

It is possible to determine whether you have a slab leak under your home, but most of the time, you are going to need some special tools to help with detection. Plumbers use special technologies like sonar and infrared to locate slab leaks. When you hire a plumber, you are not only getting their skills and experience—you also get access to equipment that helps make detection more accurate.

Professional Plumbers Can Tell You Why the Slab Leak Occurred

Perhaps the most important reason that you should hire a plumber to find your slab leak is that they can give you an accurate report on the underlying cause of the damage to your plumbing system. There is no single cause of slab leaks. Some are the result of settling soil underneath the house, which can put pressure on the pipes under the concrete slab. Others happen because of corrosive materials in the soil. Sometimes it comes down to faulty installation.

Whatever the cause of your slab leak, you need to understand exactly what caused it in the first place or it could happen again. Reinstalling metal pipes in corrosive soil is not a solution. Repairing pipes when the soil is still settling is not a solution. If you don’t know the underlying cause, you could be doomed to repeat a really expensive mistake.

Slab Leak Detection Phoenix: Have You Contacted a Professional Yet?

Do not wait another second to talk to a plumbing expert if you think that your home has a slab leak. The damage that could occur—and may have occurred already—could be extensive enough to make your home unsafe. At the very least, it could lead to the need for extensive foundation repairs.

Get in touch with the experts at Custom Plumbing of Arizona now if you have any questions. We are happy to answer them and guide you in the repair process.

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