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How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

how long do garbage disposals last

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During the busy daily kitchen routines, the garbage disposal is frequently ignored until it malfunctions. Whether you are cleaning plates after a family meal or washing vegetables for a salad, this overlooked appliance is essential for maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of our kitchens. However, similar to all machines, garbage disposals have a limited duration of use. Understanding how long do garbage disposals last and how to maintain them can save you from untimely breakdowns and costly replacements.


What Does a Garbage Disposal Do?

A food waste disposer, commonly called a garbage disposal, is installed under your kitchen sink to grind food leftovers into tiny particles for easy drainage without causing blockages in the pipes. This assists in decreasing the quantity of organic waste disposed of in your garbage bin and later in landfills, presenting an eco-conscious choice for handling kitchen waste.

When you activate the disposal, a motor spins sharp blades that crush food waste into small pieces. These particles are subsequently washed away with water, allowing them to easily flow through the pipes and into the city sewer system or septic tank.

How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

Garbage disposals are long-lasting machines, but various factors can influence their longevity. Typically, a properly maintained garbage disposal is anticipated to have a lifespan ranging from 8 to 15 years. You may have to change your disposal unit every 12 years for a standard family of four or five people.

Many different factors can impact the longevity of your trash disposal unit.

  • How you use it: How often and what kind of food waste is thrown away can significantly affect how long something lasts. Grease, fibrous foods (such as celery and corn husks), and hard objects (like bones and fruit pits) can increase the rate of deterioration in the disposal unit.
  • Maintenance: Consistent upkeep can prolong the lifespan of your garbage disposal. Basic habits such as running cold water during operation, not overloading the appliance, and regular cleaning can help avoid clogs and maintain the efficiency of the disposal system.
  • Installation quality: Ensuring proper installation by a licensed plumber will result in efficient operation and increased longevity of the disposal. Improper installation by a non-professional or disregard for manufacturer instructions may result in early malfunction.
  • Brand and quality: Disposals of better quality typically have extended warranties and are designed to endure heavy-duty usage better. Investing in a well-known brand can result in lasting and dependable results.

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

One sign is regular blockage or obstruction, which can happen even if proper usage and maintenance instructions are followed. Frequently, these problems indicate that the blades or motor parts are deteriorating, reducing the efficiency of the disposal unit.

Another warning sign is if there are consistent smells or leaks coming from under the sink. These events usually mean the disposal unit is not properly sealing or handling waste anymore, possibly causing internal damage requiring replacement.

Moreover, if you hear strange sounds while using it or see a decrease in grinding strength as time goes on, these are clear signs of mechanical deterioration. The disposal is having difficulty grinding food waste effectively, indicating that it may be reaching the end of its life and should be replaced to prevent more issues.

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