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3 Tips to Avoid Buying a House with Plumbing Problems

buying a house with plumbing problems

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Buying a new home is an exciting time—until you try to shower and discover the irritatingly low water pressure. We don’t have to tell you twice, but your plumbing is one of the most important systems in your home. Casual inspections usually don’t catch these issues so you’ll need to take a closer look. Before buying a house with plumbing problems, take these steps to catch any major plumbing repairs.

Avoid Buying a House with Plumbing Problems: 3 Tips

  1. Inspect faucets, sinks, and toilets
  2. Inspect your sewage system
  3. Inspect the water heater


  1. Inspect Faucets, Sinks, and Toilets

These three elements can be a great indicator of the water pressure and quality of your plumbing system. To ensure that you don’t buy a home with major plumbing problems, complete the following:

  • Turn on every faucet to check for water pressure, leaks, or discolored water
  • Check for leaks below and around the sink fixtures
  • Flush every toilet and ensure that all the water drains away
  • Check the base of each toilet for leaks
  1. Inspect Your Sewage System

You need to pay attention to your main sewer line, in particular. A main sewer line can develop a number of issues—tree roots may be growing in the line or the pipes could be degrading due to old age. While you might be able to find issues by detecting bad odors, the best way to check for problems is a professional plumbing inspection. An inspection will include snaking a camera down the sewer line to catch any blockages or other problems.

If there are issues with the sewage system, they are usually very expensive repairs—so be sure to catch them early!

  1. Inspect the Water Heater

If you’ve ever endured a freezing cold shower because the hot water ran out, you know just how essential your water heater is. Before purchasing a home, check the water heater label to see when it was first installed. If it’s 10 years or longer, then it’s time to buy a new water heater. Additionally, you should ask a trusted plumber to check for other signs of damage as it may be cracked or rusted.

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Did You Buy a Home with Plumbing Problems?

If you bought a house and are already recognizing a few plumbing problems, your first step is to call a plumber. Have your plumber complete a professional inspection to diagnose any of the issues in your home. If the issues are small and don’t cost a ton to repair, then it may not be worth it to get the previous owner involved. However, if there are major plumbing issues, move on to the next step.

Your next step is to figure out who’s responsible for the repair. Consult with your lawyer and real estate agent. The previous owner may be responsible for the repair if:

  • The purchasing agreement stated that the seller would make the repair.
  • There was no reasonable expectation for you to find the issue before buying the home.
  • The seller intentionally deceived you about the condition of the plumbing.

Your last step is to hire a trusted plumber to complete the repairs in your home.

Need an Inspection or Repair?

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