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4 Plumbing Tips to Help You Save Money on Water and Repairs This Summer

4 Plumbing Tips to Help You Save Money on Water and Repairs This Summer

Published By: Vince Vince

As we make our way into the height of summer, it’s time to start paying attention to a few different ways you could be saving money. These plumbing tips will help you avoid costly repairs and exorbitant water bills.

Summer is a time for family, friends, outdoor fun, and indoor relaxation. Even with the risk of COVID-19 this year, many people are planning to take vacations, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy the weather as safely as they can. As we all battle the heat, it’s important to be conscious of some plumbing problems that are specific to summer.

Here are four plumbing tips to help you avoid some common issues.

Check for Leaks Inside and Outside the Home

When summer hits, it is critical to check every fixture inside and outside the home for leaks. Not only can these leaks—even if they are minor—lead to thousands of gallons of wasted water every year, but also they can cause significant damage to a home’s flooring and foundation.

To ensure that none of your fixtures are leaking, inspect each individually. Among the most important to check are all faucets and piping under sinks, showerheads, hot water heaters, outdoor spigots, and pool fixtures, if you have a pool.

Know What Your Water Pressure Is

In the summer, showers and washing machines see a lot more use, and with more use comes more wear and tear. One reason that homeowners might experience increased wear on their pipes, fixtures, and appliances is that their water pressure is too high.

In general, the standard for household water pressure is between 40-45 psi. To test your water pressure, purchase a gauge and attach it to an outdoor spigot. If the pressure exceeds 60 psi, you might need to have your plumber adjust the regulator on your main water line.

Not Everything Is Meant for the Disposal—Know What You Can and Cannot Put Down the Sink

With all the barbecues you will be throwing this summer, you and your family are probably going to be preparing lots of fruits, vegetables, and meats, which means a lot of rinds, peels, and trimmings. Many people who own a garbage disposal don’t realize that they cannot put just anything down the sink without risking serious damage to the plumbing.

As a rule, one of the most important plumbing tips is to avoid putting anything stringy through the garbage disposal, like corn husks, carrot peels, and banana peels. Also, never dump fat trimmings or grease down the drain. Hard, fibrous waste, such as melon rinds, can also damage your disposal and pipes.

Pick the Best Time to Water the Lawn

If you plan to water your lawn this summer, be sure to water it at the most effective time. Watering the grass and flowers in the early morning or in the evening will minimize the amount of water that you lose to evaporation.

Need More Plumbing Tips?

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