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5 More Tips to Prevent Plumbing Disasters After Your Holiday Dinner

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While Thanksgiving is over, the holidays haven’t quite ended. Chances are, you’re planning on cooking another great feast (props to you). But preparing another large holiday dinner can create a huge burden on your pipes. We firmly believe that prevention is just as important as treatment. But preventative maintenance is often less expensive than treating problems after they cause damage to your home. Before you go cooking your holiday ham and inviting family over, here are five maintenance tips to prevent plumbing disasters.


Prevent Plumbing Disasters: 5 Tips

  1. Request water heater maintenance
  2. Check for slow drains
  3. Fix leaks
  4. Get your garbage disposal under control
  5. Use your toilets and sinks for what they’re intended


  1. Request Water Heater Maintenance

Freezing cold water is not the best way to surprise your guests. If you have a few years left on your water heater, you probably won’t need to replace it—but you should request maintenance on it. A plumber can inspect your heater for any damage or rust as well as perform a much needed tune-up. That way, your heater can work all winter long.


  1. Check for Slow Drains

Slow drains are not only frustrating (and slightly gross if you’re standing in dirty shower water), they can be a sign of clogs. Before any guests arrive, use a drain snake to clear your pipes of any debris. A drain snake is a thin, flexible wire that helps unclog your toilet, sink, and bathroom pipes. If your drain snake isn’t heavy duty enough to handle the clogs or blockages, call your local plumber.

If you can, check the drains occasionally throughout your gatherings and ensure that drains work as intended.


  1. Fix Leaks

If you have random pools of water around your toilet, bathtub, or sink, that’s a likely sign that you have a leak. Other signs include wet or moldy patches on your carpet or walls, and higher water bills. Before your holiday party, be sure to fix these leaks as soon as possible. They can cause mold damage, heinous smells, and dismayed guests.


  1. Get Your Garbage Disposal Under Control

Every holiday, we talk about the importance of managing what goes into your garbage disposal—but we can’t emphasize it enough. Leave grease, oils, and large chunks of food out of it. Citrus rinds and small pieces of fruits and vegetables are okay to chuck inside. Artichokes, banana peels, corn husks, and other tough or fibrous produce are off limits though. For best results, always be sure to run cold water while you’re using your disposal.


  1. Use Your Toilets and Sinks for What They’re Intended

Another easy but important tip to prevent these kinds of disasters. Don’t use your toilets for anything but waste and toilet paper. Feminine hygiene products, flushable wipes, toy trucks, and anything else are off limits. Yes, even flushable wipes—they often don’t degrade and can cause clogs. Don’t use your sinks for food scraps, grease, or oil. Only use them for water and other non-toxic liquids that don’t congeal or solidify (think fruit juice).


Call Us for Your Plumbing Disasters

Some way, somehow, someone at your gathering might accidentally violate one of these tips and cause one or two plumbing disasters. That’s what Custom Plumbing of Arizona is here for. We’re available 24/7, even on holidays. Call us at 602-883-2761.