Plumbing in the house of the German collecting green polypropylene welded pipes Banninger. These tubes are considerably more flexible than the cheaper analogs. Polypropylene tubes stretch from freezing water. Rigid pipe in such a situation are more likely to burst or break away from the fittings.

When installing plumbing, take into account that polypropylene tubes are considerably lengthened with increasing temperature. Thus, when heated at 50 ° F reinforced polypropylene tubes are extended by 0.3 mm for each running meter, and reinforced pipes – 1.5 mm.

For in-house plumbing, I have used fiber glass reinforced pipes d = 25 mm with 3.5 mm wall thickness for hot water and unreinforced d = 25 mm, wall thickness 2.8 mm – for the cold. On long and straight sections arranged plumbing linear expansion, compensators are placed in the form of loops or kinks U-shaped elements.

For this scheme, it takes much longer than the pipe with a consistent water supply circuit mounted on a tee-splitter. However, it is more convenient to use for all consumers which will be about the same pressure and does not fall with the opening of the valve on the other consumers, as in tee scheme. Also allows the collector circuit to service or repair some parts of the water supply without shutting down the entire house of the water.

To drain the water from the tap in the cold or service I have provided a central drain the system as well and a local drain valve in the lowest points of the water supply in the house.

Installation of water pipeline started from the periphery to the center: collecting individual branches and brought them to the boiler-water measuring site, which collected in the last turn. Complex nodes initially drawn on paper and spread elements prepared on the spot. Then all of the elements nodes chalked on a wall, to avoid confusion during assembly. Separate water supply nodes collected in advance to then set them in place.

Preparation of Pipes

Polypropylene tubes are cut with special scissors along the length at exactly 90 degrees. Then the dust is removed from the abutting surfaces of the pipe and the fitting by degreasing them with alcohol. On the tube, mark with a pencil at the weld depth (pipe 0 25 mm – 16 mm). If the depth is not noted and fit on the pipe socket to the end, the welding bead can be formed, narrowing the inner lumen of the tube. In some cases, the fitting and mating mark pipes are made to ensure the required angle of rotation of the tube during installation. When laying pipe through the hole in the wall of a protective cover used with latex gloves without finger talc dusting.

Subtleties welding of plastic pipes

Welding is carried out on polypropylene tubes using a special apparatus with nozzles of different diameters. The device is possible to rent. Before working on the welding unit, set it to the desired diameter of the nozzle. By incorporating it, the regulator exhibited temperature + 500 ° F.

When pipe welding first connectable part is pushed over the nozzle-welding sockets, pipes have to clap with the effort, but cannot rotated. Once I started the on the pipe and the fitting was pushed over the welding nozzle led readout 7 seconds (for 25 mm pipes), pronouncing 21, 22 … 27. The pipe is pushed up to the mark with a pencil. Then separate the pipe and fitting.

The fitting is usually difficult to takeout – it had to hold the welding machine or fix its clamp. Immediately thereafter, quickly without rotation of the pipe and the fitting, taking care not to apply excessive force.

The rooms are laid open into the mounting clips on the ceiling. This gasket has several advantages: at home cold water warms up quickly and easily drain the water without flushing water supply.

It is water – cold and hot

Mounting a water heater with a water gauge node starts with setting cylinder and a damper (surge) tank. An expansion tank avoids pressure surges and situations where the crane “spits” with overheated water vapor. Since we have water in the house – tech, we have established a red tank for heating systems. an expansion tank with a white cell type membrane for drinking water, and water with eliminating contact tank walls.

All connections for potentially removable components in the water heater measuring site I have collected on the quick coupling – American. The gauge is hooked up to prevent damage to the tank and the water supply due to accidental overheating of water in the tank and provide quick and easy draining.

While laying plumbing, I performed completely independent for about 60 hours, spread over two weeks, due to the travel of the materials, reflection on the structure, a dip in the lake and eating kebab.  In the gasket in the building plumbing it took 60 m of polypropylene tube. 


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Time doesn’t pass without a trace of buildup in the sewer pipes, which is manifested from the deposits of waste in them. Because of this, the properties and characteristics of the movement in the drain determines how fast they will appear. Due to the presence of these layers on the walls, the pipes acquire a smaller cross-section. This leads to a reduction in capacity and clogging of sewerage. In addition to this, due to sediment, there are difficulties with drainage. It turns into a favorable environment for sulfate-reducing bacteria, which are actively multiplying in it. At the same time, products that are not disposable exert a negative influence on the pipes, creating more clogging.

Prevention of blockages

Among the possible methods for preventing sewage sludge, there is no equal in reliability with the use of plugs-filters placed on drainage holes, and carrying out preventive measures that involve washing it.

The necessary effect can be achieved if weekly drain holes are cleaned with a cup of baking soda followed by vinegar. Once foam begins to develop in the pipe, pour hot water down the drain to clear it out.

Determine the clog

In the event of blockages, the order of actions is determined by the specific nature of the clogging.

If water cannot escape through the drain hole in only one plumbing device, it is clear that the resulting clogging has a local character.

If a similar pattern is observed with all plumbing fixtures, then it is likely that the main pipe has been clogged.

Elimination of local sewerage clogging

You can also clear a blockage by pouring boiling water down the drain. With this method, you can easily remove fat deposits.

An alternative solution may be to remove the siphon, whose main task is to filter the suspended particles, and clean it. In the course of dismantling it, it’s important to do everything very carefully and make sure that all the parts remain in place and are intact.

If this attempt isn’t success, it makes sense to resort to chemical preparations for cleaning the sewage system. Most of the cleaners contain the main active component – alkali. With the help of such cleaners, you can remove fat deposits.

If there is a suspicion that the sewerage is clogged because of a buildup of hair, then an acidic cleaner will help here. It is inadmissible to pour any of these preparations into the pipe when there is a serious clog. If the drain does not allow to the cleaner to go down into the drain, there is a risk that the cleaner can spill back, causing a burn.

clearing a clogged toilet
process of clearing toilet

It should be remembered that a simple plunger can be useful for fighting against clogs. To make it easier to deal with the clogs, it’s recommended that you apply a layer of Vaseline or other thick lubricants to the edges of the plunger and then start cleaning the sewer.

It is important that the whole cup is immersed in water. When placing it on the drain hole, first remove air from the bowl.

Plumbing cable

How do you handle the problem if all means were powerless when clearing the clog? In this case, there can be only one way out – use a plumbing cable. One end of this device provides a handle, and the other – a tip, made in the form of a drill or brush.

Plumbing cable

Figure 2: The plumbing cable

Cables are often used by professionals, and to achieve the desired results, you must have certain skills to work with it. It can bypass the curves of the pipe, but it’s important to understand that they can damage plastic piping. If you doubt whether you will be able to handle the blockages, or you do not have a cable, it is recommended to have a plumber do the work.

Elimination of blockages of main pipes

In principle, similar methods are used here to combat blockages. At the heart of industrial sewage pumping is the use of high pressure and temperature. Drainage cannot be a good reason for panic. With such a mood, people act rashly, as a result of it all ends with even greater problems.

Thats what can recommend you!

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