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Clogged Pipes: 5 Tips for Food Preparation and Cleanup

clogged pipes

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Clogged pipes are a no-go when you have a house full of guests ready to eat or shower. Having to call a plumber in the middle of your party or gathering can be embarrassing and put a damper on your festivities. Instead of letting your guests undergo second-hand sheepishness, avoid the clogs altogether and follow these tips.


5 Tips to Warn Off Clogged Pipes

Two of the biggest reasons why pipes become blocked off are because of waste and overuse. Here are a few simple ways to prevent these risks.


  1. Spread Out Showers and Laundry Loads

If you’re having guests over long enough that they’ll need showers and laundry done, then spread these events out as much as possible. Try not to have too many people shower one after another. If possible, clear the shower drain between each person. Similarly, try to complete laundry loads throughout the day instead of overloading your drains all at once.


  1. Dispose of Fats, Oils, and Grease Properly

If you’ve read our post on holiday plumbing tips, you’ll know that the best way to avoid clogged pipes is to store fats, oils, and grease in jars. But what do you do after that? The next step is to store your jars in the refrigerator to let these fats cool and solidify (if you’re able to store them alongside your leftovers). Afterwards, place these jars in the garbage can. But be sure to keep them upright to avoid spillage.


  1. Clean Your Plates for the Dishwasher

Before placing your plates in the dishwasher, be sure to scrape all the leftover food and sauce off. Either throw the food waste in the garbage or in your compost bin. This prevents your pipes from being clogged with leftover food and allows your dishwasher to do a better job of cleaning. The same goes for your pots and pans. If you’re having trouble scraping the food off, be sure to soak them beforehand to loosen up any food.


  1. Avoid Corrosive Drain Cleaners

Plenty of drain cleaners use corrosive materials that can eat through your pipes. While they might temporarily clear a block in the short run, they cause damage in the long run. This damage can prove expensive, especially if you have to replace pipes. Your best option is to call a plumber that can clear any clogs or blockages without degrading the material.


  1. Leave Tough and Fibrous Foods Out of Your Disposal

Your garbage disposal cannot handle fruit pits, coffee grounds, bones, potato peels, pasta, or any manner of tough foods. While it can handle the soft parts of fruits and veggies, avoid adding any particularly fibrous foods like celery.

If clogged pipes become an issue, call Custom Plumbing of Arizona at 602-883-2761. Depending on how blocked your pipes are, a drain snake might not be enough to clear them. Hydro-jetting is another service we offer to get rid of particularly tough blockages. For more information on how we unblock pipes, click here.