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Emergency Water Leak in Your Home? What to Do to Prevent Damage

emergency water leak

Published By: Vince Vince

Discovering an emergency water leak in your home is more than an annoyance. If you don’t fix it quickly, it can lead to a repair bill that is in the thousands. In addition to ruining your flooring, carpet, walls, and possessions, it can also cause dangerous mold to grow.

Do you have a leaky pipe or faucet in your home? No need to fear! Just follow these tips until you can find a professional to fix it.

Turn off the Water

After identifying where the source of the emergency water leak is located, the first thing you should do is shut off your home’s main water valve. While this doesn’t solve the problem, it does allow you to stop the leak from causing any more damage. In some cases, you won’t need to turn off the water for the entire house. For instance, if you have a leaky faucet or toilet, simply turn off the emergency valves located beneath the sink or behind the toilet.

Dry the Area to Prevent Damage

Even if you catch the leak before your whole home is flooded, any water that seeps into your carpet or through the floorboards can lead to serious damage. The key to preventing damage is to dry any wet areas as quickly as possible. Depending on the extent of the leak, you may need to rent a combination wet and dry vacuum or high-power fans. Be sure to properly vent any area you want to dry to speed up the process.

A Few Temporary Fixes for an Emergency Water Leak

Now that you’ve stopped the leak from spreading and causing harm to your home, you will need to fix the leak, at least temporarily, so that you can continue to use the water in your home. Here are a few easy ways to fix your leak until you can find a plumber to come to your home.


Ask your local hardware store for epoxy glue that is suitable for fixing leaks. After you apply the epoxy to the hole in the pipe, you will need to allow it to set, which can take some time. Be sure to follow the instructions on the epoxy container.

Rubber and Clamps

If you have an old piece of rubber lying around and a clamp, you can plug the hole until you can find a more permanent solution. Take the rubber and cut it to size so that you can wrap it around the pipe and over the leak. Then set the clamp to hold it in place. You will need to make sure that the clamps are as tight as possible to prevent water from seeping through.

The Pencil Trick

Another way to plug an emergency water leak requires a pencil and some plumber’s tape. If your leak is coming from a small hole, stick the tip of a pencil into it until it feels secure, then break off the tip and wrap the pipe with plumber’s tape to keep it in place.

Got a Leaky Pipe? Talk to the Professionals at Custom Plumbing of Arizona

If you have an emergency water leak, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help fix your leak quickly and professionally so that you don’t have to worry about taking on more water damage.