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How to Fix Low Water Pressure in 4 Common Scenarios

How to Fix Low Water Pressure in 4 Common Scenarios

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If you are wondering how to fix low water pressure in your home, you are in the right place. This article covers four common causes and how to fix them.

Indoor plumbing really is genius. Water comes into your home when you need it and goes away (taking all kinds of nastiness with it) when you want it gone! We all know what happens when dirty water refuses to leave your home—i.e., you have a clogged drain—but what about when you are having trouble getting water into your house for essential things like showering and cleaning?

Low water pressure can be merely inconvenient or a health hazard if it persists for too long. Here are four common low water pressure scenarios and how to fix them.

Partially Closed Main Shutoff Valve

If you don’t know where your home’s main shutoff valve is located, now is a good time to figure it out—rather than waiting until you have a burst pipe and need to stop the flow ASAP.

When this valve is not open all the way, your home’s water pressure drops. Learning how to fix low water pressure in your home could be as simple as turning a valve.

Failing Pressure Regulator

If your plumbing is outfitted with a pressure regulator (not all homes have one), then low water pressure could be a sign that it is failing.

To test whether your pressure regulator is causing your water pressure problems, you will need a water pressure gauge. Simply attach the gauge to the outdoor spigot that is closest to the regulator and turn on the water. If your gauge reads lower than your pressure regulator, your regulator is likely failing and will need to be replaced to fix the problem.

Clogged Pipes

Did you know that the pipes that bring water into your home can get clogged just like your drains can? Figuring out how to fix low water pressure in your home could mean unclogging these pipes.

Leaking Pipes

If you have a leak in your pipes, that could also contribute to the low water pressure you are experiencing. When water escapes through a hole in your plumbing, that drops the pressure for the rest of the system. You will need to locate the leak and patch it using a pipe repair kit for a temporary fix.

That patch job won’t last long, though, so it is critical that you contact a plumber to replace the section of pipe that has the leak in it for a more permanent solution.

Can’t Figure Out How to Fix Low Water Pressure? We Can Help!

There are many reasons that you may be experiencing low water pressure. If you can’t figure out how to fix low water pressure in your home, it’s time to call the professionals. The plumbing experts at Custom Plumbing of Arizona are standing by to take your call. Get a free estimate today!