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Drain cleaning

Drain cleaning

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If you’ve decided to go with the safer route of calling an expert plumber, we have a multitude of methods that will help you deal with cleaning the clogged pipes. Depending on severity of the clog and how much you’re willing to pay for best method for certain situation, will determine exactly how effective the cleaning will be.

The most common and cheapest method of drain cleaning is the use of handheld drain augers.

When using a drain auger, a metal rod, from the device, is pushed down the drain and breaks up any build up in the clogged drain. This is good for minor blockage created by paper products and food. However, if the blockage is deep down in the pipe, the metal rod may not reach it. The auger may also not be effective if the blockage is very tough to break through.

A method you may also wat to consider is the electric drain cleaner. The electric drain cleaner is an advanced version of handheld auger. With a longer cable and being electric powered, it’s also the better of the two option. The one disadvantage of the electric pipe cleaner in the price. Due to the efficiency it’s and power usage the price is worth it.

Another method of drain cleaning is hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is the process of putting a similar metal rod down the drain that uses pressurized water to break up the blockage. This method of drain cleaning is the most effective when dealing with major build ups that can’t be handled by the auger. The disadvantage of the hydro jet is the price to use it is higher than the auger.

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