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Replacing Plumbing in Home? 5 Types of Pipes to Know

Replacing Plumbing in Home? 5 Types of Pipes to Know

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Replacing plumbing in home? It’s often a stressful process to go through, no matter how necessary. Understanding your options can help keep you grounded.

Whether you are replacing the pipes in a small section of your home or completely rejuvenating your plumbing system, all of the available choices for which type of pipe to use can be confusing.

A long time ago, plumbers and homeowners had only a few choices—galvanized steel or cast iron pipes—but now there are several options that serve different purposes and have different benefits.

Here are five types to know before you begin your plumbing renovation project.

Copper Pipe

Many people choose copper pipe when they are replacing plumbing that supplies water to their home. It handles heat and pressure well, is easily cut by hand, and does not pose any health risks from contamination.

When it comes time to replace copper pipe, it is easy to recycle and can even be sold for cash, making it both eco-friendly and gentle on the wallet.

PEX Pipe

A relatively new type of pipe, PEX pipe is also used to supply water to a home. Unlike rigid copper pipe, PEX pipe is flexible, which makes it versatile and easy to install in tight or crowded places.

PEX is tough enough to stand up to high pressures and temperatures yet flexible enough to weave through the walls and floors of a home. It also comes in different colors for hot and cold water supply lines for easy identification. It is also able to join with copper piping and is relatively inexpensive.

Because it is a new material, however, it is not apparent how long PEX lasts, and it cannot be recycled.

PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is primarily used for drains and vents. It is lighter than other pipe materials, which makes it easy to work with and install. Replacing plumbing that is older, particularly galvanized steel pipes, is easy to do with PVC, and all you need is a hacksaw and glue.

Homeowners should beware of incorrectly installed PVC piping, though, because it is prone to leaks at the joints. It also cannot be unjoined like other materials and must be cut when it is replaced.

ABS Pipe

Like PVC, ABS pipe is used mostly in drain and vent lines. Though it is stronger than PVC, it also tends to warp at certain temperatures. It also does not meet all building codes, so be sure to consult your local codes before choosing this type of pipe.

Flexible Pipe Connectors

Finally, flexible connectors are a type of pipe with a specific purpose—as a final connection from the plumbing system to appliances, such as toilets. These pipe connectors are perfect for tight, awkward spaces where a rigid pipe would not fit.

Know Your Options Before Replacing Plumbing in Home

Now that you know some of your options, why not let a professional take a look at your plumbing needs?

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