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Top 4 Reasons You Need a Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Top 4 Reasons You Need a Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Published By: Vince Vince

Every single drain and pipe in your home leads to one place: the main sewer line to your home. This critical drain line allows all the water—and all the other stuff you put down the drain—to flow out of your home and into the sewer. Main sewer line repair and replacement are some of the very last things you ever want to experience.

And that begs the question. Is there a way to avoid such a fate?

Over time, pipes can break down and rupture, and the main sewer pipe is no exception. However, knowing some of the top causes of main line damage can certainly help! To give you a chance to prevent this from happening to you, here are the top four reasons you could end up needing to repair or replace your main sewer line.

Flushing Un-flushable Debris

Some items, like toilet paper, are perfectly fine to flush down the toilet. Others, not so much.

Many people use their toilets to get rid of some truly bizarre things. Sometimes, someone’s toddler shoves a bunch of Barbies down there just to see what happens. If enough un-flushable objects make it all the way to the main line, they can cause serious damage by blocking your plumbing system’s ability to drain.

At that point, sewer line repair is next to inevitable.

A Sagging Sewer Line

Unless you oversaw the construction of your home, you probably can’t keep this problem from happening, but it doesn’t hurt to discuss it.

If the main sewer line is not laid properly (and sometimes even if it is), the soil beneath it may sink in certain spots. When soil compaction occurs, the pipe may sag. Here’s why this is a problem. When the main line forms a belly, water and waste can build up. When debris and material build up, erosion and blockages can occur.

Unfortunately, sewer line sags are difficult to detect without professional equipment. If you suspect you need sewer line repair, call a plumber to diagnose the problem first.


Trees are pretty amazing. They are also a plumber’s worst nightmare. That’s because tree roots stretch deep down into the soil searching for a source of water. When tree roots find a home’s sewer line, they sometimes press against the pipe until it breaks.

Homes with older ceramic sewer lines are more likely to have problems with tree roots, but with proper sewer line repair using more modern materials, you can ensure it never happens again.


You know you are not supposed to, but you do it anyway. We are probably all guilty of pouring grease down the drain at some point, but here’s a friendly reminder of why you should avoid it at all costs.

When you pour hot grease or oil down the drain, you might think that it can make it to where it needs to go. But as it travels down your plumbing, it cools and solidifies. What a mess.

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