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Understanding Leak Detection

Understanding Leak Detection

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As every homeowner should know, the sound of running water is a sign of something terrible. Often when you hear that running water sound, you’ll find a spot on the floor, ceiling, or wall that is damp and water stained. Maybe the worst sign that something is wrong is looking at your water bill and noticing it’s more than double of what it should be. If you’re dealing with all of these issues, then you’re seeing the signs of a leak somewhere in your home. When dealing with a leak of any kind, you should contact a plumber as soon as possible to limit the possible damage that can come from the leak, as well as any extra expenses that you’ll pay for in your water bill from all the wasted. The best choice you can make when deciding who to you’ll have taking care of your leak problems is Custom Cooling and Plumbing Services in Phoenix. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services to help you address the major issues, such as leaks, that you need taken care of immediately.

The most common leaks come from copper pin hole leaks in copper piping that develop over time of corrosion. These leaks are often easiest to find because you’ll be able to hear the running water and get a general idea of the location, and there will be a damp spot on the floor, wall, or ceiling where the leak is happening. Most likely there will be a need to dismantle the area of the wall that is covering the leaking pipe, which will be fixed afterward, so we can fix the leak. If the piping system is relatively new, then fixing a certain area of the pipe is a sufficient way to go about the issue. Once the pipes are around twenty years old, the best decision to make is to have repiping done of the entire piping system. When one section of the piping starts to give out in a twenty-year-old piping system, it’s typically a sign that the rest of the piping is close to giving out. If this is the case, then it’s wiser to pay for the replacement of the entire piping system at a reduced price rather than repairing certain sections at a rate of what will feel like about every two months.     

Leaks may also happen in your yard as well

If you notice a mound of grass the is raise higher than the rest in the yard and is wetter than the rest of the grass, you’re dealing with a leak from a main line water pipe or a sewer pipe. These same leaks can happen in your house under a slab of the floor. These leaks are harder to notice because of how hidden the pipe is under concrete. You may not hear the running water sound with slab leaks, but the easiest way to notice the leak is the major increase in your water bill due to the amount of wasted water coming from the leak. At Custom Cooling and Plumbing Services in Phoenix we have the best equipment available to find the location of the leak with ease. Once we’ve found where the leak is, we’ll have to dismantle the concrete covering up the pipe and handle the pipe.

Once you’ve noticed you’re dealing with a leak, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Custom Cooling Plumbing Services in Phoenix.