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Water Leak Repair: How to Fix Water Stains on a Drywall Ceiling

Water Leak Repair: How to Fix Water Stains on a Drywall Ceiling

Published By: Vince Vince

Water leak repair often requires more than fixing the plumbing problem that caused the leak in the first place. Drywall is one of the most common casualties of a leaking pipe, especially drywall located on the ceiling.

Not only are water stains and water-damaged drywall an eyesore, they can also become a health hazard if left for too long. Mold and bacterial growth occur when moisture is present, so it is best to fix any damaged drywall quickly.

Follow these five simple steps to keep your home looking and feeling clean.

Find Where the Leak Is Coming from and Fix It

If you don’t fix the source of the water leak, there’s no point in trying to remove the water stain. Effective water leak repair requires you to address the source of the problem if you don’t want the stain to keep coming back.

In some cases, locating the leak is an easy task. In others, you may need to contact a professional. Once you have fixed the leak, you can begin repairing the drywall it has damaged.

Try Scrubbing First

As long as mold is not present, the water stain on your ceiling might only be a cosmetic problem. If the damage is superficial, mix a 1:1 ratio solution of bleach and water and blot it onto the stain while wearing gloves. You may need to scrub a little, but if this step removes the stain, all that remains is repainting the area to match the rest of the ceiling.

Remove the Damaged Drywall

For damaged drywall that requires a bit more extensive water leak repair, you may need to remove and replace the damaged section. If the stain only covers a small section, cut the affected area out using a keyhole saw.

You will have to judge whether removing an entire panel of drywall is justified, but if you need to take out an entire sheet, use a prybar or the claw end of a hammer to pull it free.

Replace the Section You Removed

If necessary, cut a section of drywall to match the missing portion you just removed. Using a drywall joint compound and a putty knife, fill in any cracks that remain to fix the drywall in place.

Once you have allowed the compound to dry, use sandpaper to smooth it out.

Complete the Water Leak Repair with Some Fresh Paint

Now that you have replaced the damaged drywall, it’s time to make things look nice. Apply primer and then paint the section to match the rest of the ceiling. If you can’t match the pain, you may need to repaint the entire ceiling so that it is not mismatched, although most hardware stores are able to match paint colors if you provide them with a sample.

Need Water Leak Repair Services to Prevent More Damage?

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