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3 Things You Should Know about Your Residential Boiler

residential boiler

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Your home’s boiler may not be the talk of the town, but it’s undoubtedly one of the unsung heroes that keep you cozy and comfortable. It’s responsible for providing warmth and hot water, which makes it an essential part of your daily routine. Therefore, if you’re a homeowner with a residential boiler, it’s crucial to understand how it works and how to maintain it properly. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into three things that every homeowner should know about their residential boiler.

3 Things to Know about Your Residential Boiler

1. Boilers Have Many Benefits

Heat Your Home More Evenly

Boilers distribute heat more evenly than forced-air systems. The heat is delivered through radiators or baseboard heaters, which allows for a more consistent temperature throughout your home. In contrast, forced-air systems rely on ductwork, which can lead to uneven heating, especially in larger homes.

Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet

Boilers are much quieter than forced-air systems. With a forced-air system, you’ll hear the noise of the blower motor and air rushing through the ducts. With a boiler, you’ll only hear the gentle hum of the circulating pump.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Forced-air systems can circulate dust, allergens, and other contaminants throughout your home. Conversely, boilers don’t use ductwork, which reduces the amount of airborne particles that can affect indoor air quality. This is especially important for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

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2. Maintenance Is Critical to the Life of Your Residential Boiler

Like any mechanical system, boilers require regular maintenance to function properly. Neglecting your boiler can decrease efficiency and energy bills and even cause breakdowns. Here are some maintenance tasks you should perform regularly:

Check the Water Level

Low water levels can cause your boiler to overheat and shut down. Make sure the water level is always between the minimum and maximum marks on the sight glass. If you’re unsure how to do this, consult your boiler manual or contact a professional.

Test the Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve is a safety feature that releases pressure when it exceeds a certain level. To test the valve, lift the lever until you hear a hissing sound. If water comes out, the valve is working properly. If it doesn’t, contact a professional to have it replaced.

Clean the Burners and Heat Exchanger

Dirt and debris can accumulate on the burners and heat exchangers, reducing the efficiency of your boiler. To clean these components, turn off the power to the boiler and let it cool down. Then, remove the cover and use a soft brush or vacuum to remove any debris.

3. What Usually Fails On A Boiler?

Boilers can last for many years with proper maintenance, but some common issues can cause them to fail. Here are a few of the most common problems:


Leaks can occur in various parts of the boiler, including the pipes, valves, and tank. If you notice water pooling around your boiler or hear hissing sounds, contact a professional to have the leak repaired.

Thermostat Issues

If your boiler isn’t responding to your thermostat, it may be due to a faulty thermostat or wiring. A professional can diagnose the issue and replace the faulty components.

Ignition Problems

Boilers rely on a pilot light or electronic ignition to start the heating process. If you’re having trouble getting your boiler to start, it could be due to a faulty ignition system. A professional can diagnose and repair the issue.

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If you’re having trouble with your residential boiler, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Attempting to fix the issue yourself can be dangerous and may cause further damage to your boiler. At Custom Plumbing, we offer expert boiler heater repair services to help you get your system back up and running in no time.

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