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Is Early Concrete Slab Leak Detection Possible?

Is Early Concrete Slab Leak Detection Possible?

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Yes! Early concrete slab leak detection is possible, but you need to know the signs. You may even need to contact a professional. Here are some of the facts.

Every homeowner whose house has a slab concrete foundation knows how devastating a slab leak can be. The longer the leak goes unaddressed, the worse the problem will get.

Early concrete slab leak detection is critical if you want to mitigate some of the damage that can happen.

Signs That You Might Have a Slab Leak

The following are only a few of the signs that you may have a slab leak on your hands, so be sure to speak to a plumber with experience fixing this kind of problem for more information.

Low Water Pressure

If you regularly experience low water pressure and there is no other apparent cause for it, you could have a leak. When your plumbing system has a leak, the water pressure drops. A licensed plumber can help you determine whether your low water pressure is due to a slab leak or some other cause.

Running Water Sounds

When all the water is turned off in your home, you should not be able to hear the sound of running water. Because a slab leak allows the water to run unchecked underneath your foundation, you may hear it when you shouldn’t be able to.

A simple test can help you with early concrete slab leak detection here. Turn off all the water sources in your home and check the water meter. If your meter is still reading water consumption, you might have a slab leak.

High Water Bills

As with any running water in your home, you have to pay for the water that you lose from a slab leak. If you know that your water consumption hasn’t changed yet your water bill has gone up, you should investigate the problem further. The leak may not be underneath your foundation, so look around your home for signs of leaking pipes, such as mold, bubbling walls, and pest infestations.

If you can’t find any other sources for a leak, concrete slab leak detection becomes critical to determine whether you need to hire someone to repair the problem.

Ask Us How Our Concrete Slab Leak Detection Works

Low water pressure, running water sounds, and water bills that are higher than normal are only a few of the signs that you might have a slab leak that needs to be fixed. If you suspect that your concrete slab foundation has a leak underneath it, you need to get a professional plumber to take a look at your pipes as soon as possible.

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