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Leak Detection in Your Home – how to find and fix?

Leak Detection in Your Home - how to find and fix?

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Leak Detection in Your Home

It’s important for every homeowner to know the signs of a leak. The most noticeable sign of a leak in your home is the development of a wet spot on the floor, wall, or ceiling. That wet spot is clearly coming from that location and can lead to water damage. For leaks such as slab leaks and mainline water pipe leaks, it’s not as easy to notice. With slab leaks, the only way to find the source of the leak without a plumber is by identifying an area on the ground that is hotter than the rest. That hotspot is the general area where the leak has occurred. If this isn’t apparent, sadly, the only other way to notice major leak such as a slab leak or mainline water pipe leak is to check your water bill. When a leak occurs, there is a significant amount of water that is wasted which leads to an increase in your water bill.   

A leaking pipe is a matter that goes from a minor problem to major one quickly. That’s why contacting a plumber for plumbing leak detection is the first thing you should do. Even if it’s only small kitchen sink leak, it’s crucial to take action and call the best plumber in your area. If you’re in the Phoenix area, then the best plumbers to call are at Custom Cooling and Plumbing Services.

While we handle minor leaks such as sink leaks and kitchen faucet leaks, we are capable of repairing other major leaks. Pipe leaks such as slab leaks and mainline water pipe leaks are no more trouble for us than any other plumbing leak.

Examples of leaks that we can repair include:

  • Slab leaks
  • Shower leaks
  • Toilet leaks
  • Sink leaks
  • Plumbing pipe leaks
  • Sewage pipe leaks
  • Mainline water pipe leaks