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Leak Detection from Plumbing Experts

leak detection

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Leak Detection from Plumbing Experts

As a homeowner, you should be aware of the signs of a leak. When you hear water running while all the faucets are off, it’s a sign that there is a leak. Another sign of a leak is the water marks that develop where the leak is. a water stain can appear on the wall, ceiling, and floor which can make the leak detection easy. This is the case for simple leaks from the plumbing system in the plumbing system, but for more major leaks such as slab leaks, it’s harder to find the source of the leak. The only sign you typically notice with the more hidden leaks is the rise in your water bill. These hidden leaks affect large pipes, so the amount of wasted water will significantly raise your water bill and hurt your pocket. That is why you should call Custom Cooling and Plumbing in Phoenix, AZ. We have the leak detection experts and equipment to get the job done for any leak detection service that you may need. We perform leak repair and leak detection services in Phoenix, Arizona such as:

  • Appliance leak repairs
  • Plumbing system leak repair
  • Slab leak repair
  • Repiping


Leak Repairs

Custom Cooling and Plumbing in Phoenix, Arizona can repair any pipe or appliance in your house that needs to be fixed. Whether it’s as small as a leaky faucet on the sink, or a large leak coming from a sewage pipe under a slab of concrete, the leak detection and repair experts at Custom Cooling and Plumbing can help you resolve the issue. While smaller leaks, such as appliance leaks and plumbing system leaks, can be handled easily, larger leaks, such as slab leaks, can be more grueling to deal with. This is due to the need to break through the concrete slab that is covering the leak. At Custom Cooling and Plumbing in Phoenix, AZ, we have the experience needed to perform slab leak repairs quickly and efficiently to reduce any possible annoyance that comes with repairing a slab leak. Due to our emergency plumbing service, we’ll be there as soon as possible whenever you need us to help you the leak repair of your appliances or pipes.  


When handling old pipes, it’s often recommended that you should replace the old pipes with new ones. Replacing these old pipes is called repiping. The need for repiping comes from the inefficiency that comes with repairing old pipes. once the pipes reach a certain age, the pipes begin to decay and breakdown. So, while repairs can be made, it’s a smarter choice, financially, to replace the old pipes that need constant maintenance, with new ones that won’t need repairs for decades. Custom Cooling and Plumbing will work with you to choose which pipes you’d like to replace your old ones with to give you the comfort of knowing you’re making the right choice for your plumbing systems future. Call Custom Cooling and Plumbing to get the service that you deserve.