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Operation of sewage


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The sewerage system of a private house, even if it is connected to a central sewage system, has its own characteristics. You must learn about these features, because it is often the owner of the house who has to act as a plumber. The correct operation of the sewage system will allow to avoid extra effort and hassle.

Any type of sewage system does not allow largw items, as well as all kinds of paper, hair, fat (fat food). To this end, it is necessary to equip the indoor restroom special boxes (box) for the collection of used toilet paper.

The design of the grease trap

When going down the drain, hair knots and tangles in the food fat and becomes difficult to remove (even with the aid of hot water) from the tube. Eliminated during the operation of sewage entering the hair into it, you can use the removable safety Veins, which are mounted on the drain funnel shower, bath, and sink. It is especially necessary, during the operation of sewage, to prevent the penetration in its issue of dietary fat. To prevent the accumulation of fat, you need to drain it from the sink and clean regularly with a strong stream of hot water. For the same purpose in a local sewer system, it’s recommended for the production of sinks (kitchen) that use a special grease trap.

The grease trap design consists of two pots which are inserted into each other with a certain gap. They meet with each other through the perforations in the inner pot. The grease trap is equipped with a cover (removed fairly easily) to remove the fat that accumulates in the upper compartment of the inner pot. This device is mounted on the release from a kitchen sink (possible and on the kitchen itself) to reduce waste fluid that flows upwardly therein. Proper use of sewage involves periodic cleaning of grease trap from fat.

Clogged pipes

Every owner of a private house, in the course of operation of sewage, has at least once faced the problem of clogged pipes. In this case it is necessary to get rid of clogging through inspection and cleaning by using a rough wire brush that is attached to a steel wire with a diameter ranging from 4mm to 6mm. Also rough cleaning utensils can be made with a piece of rope that has a diameter of6mm-15cm and is 12cm long. To do this in the middle of the cable, firmly attach the folded end of the wire by a binding wire of soft, braided ends untwist (with each side approximately 50mm) and spreading like a fan.

If ice plugs are formed in the sewerage, they can be punched in this way: this portion is fed to a thin rubber hose, through which flows the hot water (the tap water used should be provided through an audit).

When operating the sewage system, the easiest way to clean the taps of sanitary devices is by using rubber device like plunger. To make yourself a very effective plunger, you can use a small children’s rubber ball. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off the ball chet less than 1/3 of the sphere and insert the cut piece into most of the ball (provides rigidity). Wooden handle attached at the center of the ball screw through the washer. In order to clean the clogged portion, it collects water, put to the drain hole and the plunger with a force several times the knob is pressed. Pre-overflow hole bath or sink is necessary to close a wet cloth. In the case where the method of cleaning does not help, it is necessary to disassemble the siphon clogged plumbing devices, properly clean it, reassemble and try again to break through the blockage using a plunger.

In the case where sewage in the operation is detected continuously litter place in this zone should drill a hole 10 mm in diameter (Clean out) that will close a wooden stopper.