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Taking Care of Drain Cleaning

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Drain cleaning is a horrible situation to deal with as an average homeowner. You should follow the two most common rules of keeping your drains clean, don’t put oil any disposable products down the drain. but even if you do take those precautions, clogging in the drains are bound to happen.

Often, you can take care of a clogged drain by only having to use a plunger. When this isn’t the case, the issue immediately becomes a lot worse. When the plunger doesn’t work, most people go to the store and buy chemical drain cleaning solution. This method of drain cleaning can work in some scenarios but isn’t recommended by most plumbers. Chemical drain cleaning solution will only work in scenarios slightly worse than what the plunger will take care of. For drains dealing with major clogging, the chemical drain cleaning solution won’t be effective. In fact, the chemical solution will do more damage to your pipes than it will do good. The chemicals in the solution will eat away at the pipe, leading to corrosion and, eventually, leaks.

The best solution you choose for handling your drain cleaning is calling the experts at Custom Cooling and Plumbing services. Having professional plumbers come in and do the job is the best option to take when dealing with advanced plumbing issues. With the proper equipment to handle a clogged drain in the toilet, sink, or shower/bathtub, there isn’t a drain that can’t be cleaned.
Taking Care of Drain Cleaning
One solution to cleaning your drain pipes is the plumbing snake. A plumbing snake is a machine with a metal rod that goes down the drain. Once the metal rod is down the drain, it pushes through the blockage creating the clog. This method of drain cleaning is great for intermediate levels of clogging. Whether it’s food scraps in the kitchen sink or hair gathering in the shower/ bathtub drain, the plumbing snake will take care of the issues. The disadvantage of using the plumbing snake is that it can’t take care of the toughest of blockades.

Another method of drain cleaning is the use of a hydro jet. The hydro jet is another machine that is similar to the plumbing snake. By using a metal rod to go down the drain, the rod uses a pressurized water jet to break up the blockage causing the clogging. The hydro jet’s pressurized water can break through the toughest of blockades. There isn’t a blockade that can’t be taken care of with the hydro jet. The disadvantage of the hydro jet is its powerful jet will do damage to older pipes that can’t handle the force.

The inconvenience of dealing with drain cleaning is awful. Don’t waste your time with chemical drain cleaning solutions from the store when you’ll get the best result from the professionals. Contact the plumbing experts at Custom Cooling and Plumbing Services to get the job done right, guaranteed. Don’t settle for less than the best in Phoenix when it comes to taking care of your plumbing.